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Denver fired two sheriff deputies in late June — one of whom did not stop a colleague from racing at over 100 miles per hour in a department vehicle and the other who showed a “lack of integrity, ethics and character that render him unfit to hold the position.”

Denver was the second-most “intensely gentrifying” city during the middle of the last decade, with 22 neighborhoods in the city and its adjacent suburbs undergoing transformation, a new analysis indicates.

The Santa Fe Arts District in Denver will soon be home to 64 affordable housing units, reserved for people earning up to 80% of the median income.

Contract laborers for the city of Denver will see a $1 increase in their hourly minimum wage, to now $14, beginning on Wednesday.

Denver police canceled a scheduled meeting between the police chief and a Black man who was handcuffed last month after officers pointed a gun at children who were in his care.

The Denver Public Library had lapses in its monitoring of contracts, employee time sheets, and cash handling, Denver Auditor Timothy O’Brien’s office found. Such deficiencies either ran counter to prescribed practices or, more perilously, created a financial risk for the city.