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It figured that Rena Cayou’s persnickety space heater would pick Tuesday morning’s darkest, most frigid hour to spark and sputter until it was a useless lump of metal. She gathered her belongings and walked to the nearest convenience store where she thought she fixed the cranky thing. When she returned to her original spot in the hidden carport of an abandoned Englewood business, she borrowed an outdoor electrical outlet, fired the heater up and again it blew.

"Recently [the Colorado Department of Transportation], released data that, in the past 10 years, there's been a 57% increase in traffic deaths and 36% of those are pedestrians and bicycles," Councilwoman Kendra Black said on Monday. "I think the problem with this bill is that it sends a message that jaywalking is okay."

Almost 50 names will appear on the City of Denver's April 4 ballot across several different municipal offices. The 17 candidates remaining for mayor (there was as many as 26) will be accompanied by nine city council at-large candidates and 23 others in an election that features three uncontested races, so far. 

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit overturned a federal judge's injunction, concluding the judge failed to consider that the latest round of claims about Denver's encampment-clearing practices were actually barred by a 2019 agreement with the city, known as the "Lyall settlement." 

A high-powered, influential Denver Public Schools principal with a history of financial woes was investigated last year over allegations that more than $175,000 was misspent on district credit cards — nearly half of it unaccounted for and without receipts — but managed to keep her job and was eventually promoted, according to documents obtained by The Gazette and interviews.