For all of our legal notices posted online, please visit

Colorado Politics Legal Notice Prices effective September 1, 2018:

Change of Name: $15 per week, for a total of $45

All other Legal Notices: Price based on the number of lines included in the printed notice.

Up to 25 lines: $30 per week of publication
25 – 50 lines: $40 per week
51 – 84 lines: $50 per week
85 – 117 lines: $60 per week
118 – 167 lines: $70 per week
168 or more lines: $100 per week

All legal notice prices include a notarized affidavit for proof of publication that will be shipped to the address you provide. We do not offer delivery to the court.

Affidavits for proofs of publication will be notarized on the first and third Thursday or Friday of each month for any legal notice publication finished before or on the date of notarization.

Please email us at if you would like to submit a legal notice for publication. Please include a pdf, scan, or photograph of the legal notice you would like published.