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Chief among the reasons that former Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead was selected to be the 2023 Citizen of the West was his deep respect for the land and the inhabitants of it. What might not have factored in — but became abundantly clear during Monday night’s Citizen of the West Dinner — is his ability to respect diverse points of view from both political parties.

Former Democratic U.S. Rep. David Skaggs: “Why, you might ask, would I want to get back in the arena now, as I near 80? I believe my experience, judgment and ideas might still offer some benefit to government in Colorado and the nation. And, as Ronald Reagan quipped in debate, I wouldn’t want to hold the relative youth of any other candidates against them.”

A Senate District 5 vacancy committee on Saturday chose outgoing state Rep. Perry Will, R-New Castle, to replace Sen. Bob Rankin, R-Carbondale, who announced his resignation last month, effective Tuesday, Jan. 10. With Will's selection, the General Assembly will have its full complement of 1…

2022 was a seismic year in Colorado politics, boasting a pair of consequential elections that reshaped coalitions in both parties and extended Democratic dominance, a legislative session that advocates say will reshape the state's efforts to combat the fentanyl epidemic, and plenty of weird,…

The year 2022 was bookended by the deaths of two major political figures whose lives touched many at the state Capitol and beyond: Department of Labor and Employment lobbyist Pat Teegarden,who died on Feb. 5, and House Minority Leader Hugh McKean, 55, of Loveland, who passed away on Oct. 30.

"It was funny because, at the Harvard Kennedy School, one of the the people said, ‘We have a very easy 72-point checklist of everything that you have to get ready before you're sworn in,'" U.S. Rep.elect Yadira Caraveo said with a wary laugh. "I've never seen a 'very easy' 72 point checklist before. So, I think that really sums it up. It's a whirlwind, with lots of decisions to make to set you up to be an effective member and advocate for your district."