Kelly Sloan

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Kelly Sloan: "Anyone trying to identify the common thread providing a tidy explanation for this week’s primary election results around the state is going to have a rough time of it."

Kelly Sloan: "It’s becoming difficult to keep track of all of the bad ideas being tossed about this year, but among the worst would have to be the ill-conceived decision by the Denver Public Schools board to do away with school resource officers."

Kelly Sloan: "One of the defining hallmarks of the COVID era, at least in terms of governance, is the expansive use of executive power. However reluctantly initiated, once the virginity of executive restraint is lost, it becomes ever easier and more tempting to employ it further. The current circumstances have provided ample opportunities for exercising that temptation."

Kelly Sloan: "The cumulative effect of all these bills is rather like a tornado coming along and tearing down the house you were just starting to rebuild after getting hit by a hurricane."

Paula Noonan

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Paula Noonan: "Once again, Democratic women voters have demonstrated their dominance in selecting candidates. Dem women out-voted Dem men in the primary by more than 100,000 ballots. On the GOP side, men and women voters are almost even."

Paula Noonan: "The 2020 General Assembly ended with a bang, not a whimper.  Legislators followed voting trends from previous years, in that Democrats from both chambers voted mostly in synch and Republicans, especially in the Senate, hit a full range of conservative to moderate targets."

Paula Noonan: "What a mess this nation is in. Except for the coronavirus, it’s a result of struggles of our own making. Shouldn’t 2020, the very beginning of a new millennium, become the time when we vow to change how we treat each other?"

Hal Bidlack

Hal Bidlack: "I recall that over my years teaching political science at the Air Force Academy, I would often find my students woefully unaware of our nation’s often shameful past. I recall telling most classes that I personally believed racial issues to be the most important social issue our nation faces, largely due to the fact that so few of them (and their parents) would agree."

Hal Bidlack: "The Gardner campaign is no doubt keeping a careful record of all the negative things being flung back and forth for use in their own fall campaign. Expect to see ads coming soon from the Republicans attacking whomever wins the nomination on the 30th that include the words of these attack ads. That’s both a shame and a mistake. We have two very good men running; we don’t need the negative attacks."

Jimmy Sengenberger

Jimmy Sengenberger: "I won’t be surprised if CBR takes heat for inviting the ambassador from an authoritarian regime in the Middle East — and Saudi in particular — even if she is a woman."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "All eyes, ears and passions have turned to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis — killed at the knee of a police officer, aided and abetted by three colleagues who watched him extinguish life from an unarmed black man.  Attention is focused on the peaceful protests and the violent riots that erupted nationwide, including in Denver."

Miller Hudson

Miller Hudson: "If white Americans’ daily experience with police approximated the violence familiar to communities of color, I suspect their response would weigh heavily toward revenge."

Jon Caldara

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Jon Caldara: "My point is not to say that Black lives don’t matter. They most certainly do. Nor is it to say we shouldn’t be having a 'conversation,' the worn-out codeword for demanding progressive policy change. We’re having it."