Kelly Sloan

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Kelly Sloan: "Political considerations are never long absent from the minds of those elected to congress, including those nervous centrists who are beginning to push back against their party’s insurgent revolutionary recklessness."

Kelly Sloan: "Taiwan is no more a province of China than Massachusetts is a province of Great Britain, or Poland a province of Russia, not since it broke from the mainland and established itself as the home of a free people in 1949."

Kelly Sloan: "The more fundamental issue is what the aim of tax policy in a free economy ought to be. What it ought to be is a way to provide the government the revenue it needs to govern, in the simplest, most impartial, and least economically damaging way possible. What Polis is suggesting is a competing view, that the tax code ought to be used to grind society into whatever the vison of the day is, and to distort the market until it fits a particular mold. Needless to say, this creates all manner of complications that wind up having an impeding effect on the movement of the economy."

Kelly Sloan: "The annual re-ignition of the school year was already set to be a little surreal emerging from the COVID pandemic tunnel, and now it has become indelibly marked by competing opinions over mask mandates. With all the other problems inhering in public education, it seems odd that this should be the most animating one, but here we are."

Paula Noonan

Paula Noonan: "The order of the West is that your personal freedom stops where my personal freedom begins. That’s a rudimentary philosophy but serviceable in today’s circumstances. It implies that there’s a principle of cooperation between the two freedoms."

Paula Noonan: "History doesn’t just repeat itself. It repeats the repeat, from England to Russia to us. It’s easy to hurl rotten tomatoes President Biden’s way for our ignominious retreat from that country located deep in Central Asia. But other presidents, the one who got us into Afghanistan in the first place, and two others who left it to the next guy to do the final deed, in addition to multiple secretaries of defense and military generals, should be locked with Biden right now in the metaphorical stocks, on the receiving side of the putrid fruits hurled by the madding press and unaccountable politicians at our current American leader."

Hal Bidlack

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Hal Bidlack: "Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and Colorado House Member Joe Neguse don’t like the idea of these symbols of the west being killed. They propose, instead, to bring those dozen critters to Colorado, where they can join an existing herd in Bent County."

Hal Bidlack: "While I consider the 'religious' objections to getting vaccinated to be the least horrible of the bad excuses, we’ve seen crazy nonsense coming from far too many people who assert a thing they heard on social media has equal validity to the carefully peer-reviewed research performed over decades by highly qualified scientists. Simply put, is stupidity a legitimate point of view, especially when it endangers others?"

Jimmy Sengenberger

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Jimmy Sengenberger: "On Monday, something truly inspiring happened: An estimated 1,000+ students in Denver Public Schools made their voices heard.  They led a mass walkout protesting school board member Tay Anderson and the school board."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "There’s much to celebrate about TABOR, with its cap on how much taxpayer money Colorado governments can keep from us (hence our refund) and its requirement that the people vote on tax increases."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "An unelected body of bureaucrats just voted to strip power from elected officials in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties to make decisions on behalf of their county and voters."

Miller Hudson

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Miller Hudson: "If labor shortages make it more difficult to trap our essential workers in wage peonage, so much the better. Some inflation translates as fairness."

Jon Caldara