Kelly Sloan

Kelly Sloan: "As fate would have it, the imposition of the Leviathan-version of the Five-Star program became a moot point; right about the time it was to be approved for several Front Range counties, Gov. Jared Polis decided to move most everyone back down to orange on the misery dial, accomplishing the same thing without the hoops."

Kelly Sloan: "If government bureaucracy can be said to excel at any one thing, it is redundancy, usually of the harmful variety. Most of the time, the free market and private industry find themselves far ahead of the government when it comes to achieving societal goals and meeting social and environmental targets."

Paula Noonan

Paula Noonan: "No traditional Denver public school carries over that much money in unassigned funds. If those funds are donations, no Denver public school is eligible to accept such contributions directly. DPS non-charter donations must go to the Denver Public Schools Foundation which has total assets of $12.6 million to support 80,000 students."

Hal Bidlack

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Today is the last full day of the Trump presidency. For some that is a cause to rejoice (and it certainly gets a big huzzah from me). For others, it is a terrible thing fraught with perceived dangers to liberty. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to a return to hopefully quieter and ca…

Hal Bidlack: "While I pointed out above how petty and vindictive some elected officials can be, quite often elected officials (at least at the state and local levels) can get along and do at least some of the people’s work."

Hal Bidlack: "Since the end of World War II our military has gone from an organization that drew from a wide swath of American culture ... to a volunteer force that has become spectacularly skewed politically. Why? Because for some reason that I truly do not understand, for far too many, military service is seen as a 'conservative' idea."

Jimmy Sengenberger

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Last week, the Colorado Supreme Court decreed that the legal qualification for “common-law marriages” can now apply to same-sex couples, even though the U.S. Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges only took place in 2015.  

Jimmy Sengenberger: "I will say it bluntly: Gov. Jared Polis and his administration have already failed front-line health care workers, 'essential workers,' seniors, teachers and many other Coloradans with their botched COVID-19 vaccine rollout."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "In 2020, college really hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be. Students should be forgiven if they are paying an arm and a leg, racking up tens of thousands in debt and griping about their subpar experience.  That’s because they’re right to complain." 

Miller Hudson

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Miller Hudson: "We should not forget that the personal freedoms we each enjoy can only be secured when those empowered to guarantee them are bounded by the law."

Miller Hudson: "The RTD Accountability Committee reports back later in January. Largely unbeknownst to the general public, three sub-committees have been conducting Zoom meetings throughout the fall. Focusing on finance, governance, and administration, they will submit a joint report of their findings without ever attempting to solicit public and rider input."

Jon Caldara

Jon Caldara: "We forget how quickly inflation can start and how easily it can run out of control. There are many signals that, despite what drivel the Federal Reserve tries to placate us with, inflation could come galloping back as early as this year."

Jon Caldara: "Per capita, we voluntarily donate about seven times as much as continental Europeans. In Europe people see little reason to give more of their own money when so much is being forcibly taken by taxes and redistributed by the state for 'what charity used to do.' "