Kelly Sloan

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Kelly Sloan: "It was fairly well established going in that this particular General Assembly would take on overtones of the fanatical, and boy, did they deliver." 

Kelly Sloan: "It oughtn’t tie up a great deal of empirical resourcefulness to figure out that the recent policy attacks on the institutions of law enforcement – from de-funding, to officious arm-chair quarterbacking by oblivious city councils, to policies gravely limiting the cop’s ability to defend themselves – are taking a toll on an already dangerous and necessarily violent profession, resulting in alarming reductions in police ranks as both veteran and would-be officers decide the risk is simply not worth it."

Kelly Sloan: "In effect, the bill classifies a police officer's words as a physical use of force, equivalent to utilizing physical restraints, using a baton, deploying a taser, or discharging a sidearm."

Kelly Sloan: "The primary concern on the foreign policy front of a Biden administration was that it adumbrated a return to the chronically feckless foreign policy meandering of the Obama administration. That fear is on the verge of being realized in the current conflict between Israel and Hamas."

Paula Noonan

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Paula Noonan: "With earth facing the most carbon dioxide in its atmosphere in four million years, well before homo sapiens arrived, we have some 'nick-of-time' legislation. These are climate change bills designed to do Colorado’s part in reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) bake effect."

Paula Noonan: "With the state legislature winding up its work, our attention will move to redistricting Colorado’s Congressional and state House and Senate districts. A recent essay by GOP Rep. Colin Larson, HD-22 in south Jeffco, stated that the 2011 redistricting resulted in gerrymandered districts and that Democrats were responsible. This is revisionist history."

Paula Noonan: "After the 2022 session, when new districts are in play, it’s unknowable now as to which legislators will return to the Capitol. In other words, this is the second to the last session for this batch of legislators based on these districts to work these problems."

Peggy Noonan: "Colorado has over 200 nursing homes and about 700 assisted living facilities. They provide daily living and medical support for thousands of Colorado’s seniors. The COVID crisis hit these institutions hard."

Hal Bidlack

Hal Bidlack: "While I often differed with Warner on some, but not all, specific policies, I had great respect for him as the kind of honorable and trustworthy Republican with whom one could genuinely work."

Jimmy Sengenberger

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Jimmy Sengenberger: "Students and parents should not be stuck at an immovable school or school district for their educational opportunity.  They also shouldn’t be stuck in a school district where its board of education seems flatly unconcerned about its students’ well-being, comfort and safety."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "Make no mistake: While investigations must be completed, these allegations are serious.  Anderson isn’t just an 'activist.'  He is a member of the board of the state’s largest school district.  He is in a position of power and trust over the biggest part of DPS students’ lives: school."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "While these orders were intended to help struggling tenants during COVID-19 and thereby ensure fewer people living on the streets during a deadly pandemic, the government failed to account for two major consequences."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "While I concede I’m somewhat pleasantly surprised that Polis followed through on his pledge to let local communities take charge for the first time in over a year, and even more so that local counties and the Tri-County Health Department are loosening their grips, I’m not impressed."

Miller Hudson

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When I reported to college as a freshman, the British historian Arnold Toynbee had completed his twelve-volume history of the world a decade earlier and its theories about the rise and collapse of civilizations remained all the rage on campus. Although I was not a history major, I took most …

Miller Hudson: "After decades of insistence on the value of tests, we should pause and ask why higher education institutions have so quickly concurred with their elimination. Could it be that in a world of student loans, higher education really isn’t concerned whether its students succeed? Both conservative and liberal observers have noted the reduction in legislative support for our public colleges and universities, successfully transferring the economic burden onto tuition."

Jon Caldara

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Democratic strategist Ted Trimpa is one of the architects of the progressive takeover of this once-tolerant and relatively sane state of Colorado. Before this legislative session I asked him what he feared most from his team now that they control every lever of power.