Kelly Sloan

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Kelly Sloan: "The legislature is slogging its way through the mid-point of the session, but with all the authority they keep sloughing off to the executive branch one wonders at times why they even bother."

Kelly Sloan: "Nobody, it seems, has wasted a great deal of time actually reading the bill they are so scandalized over. Certainly not the Commissioner of Major League Baseball Robert Manfred, who earlier this week reassigned the league’s All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver, citing objection to Georgia’s new voting law without delineating what exactly was objectionable. Nor, for that matter, the president of the United States, who made some rather blatant factual errors, evocative of his immediate predecessor, in railing against the bill."

Kelly Sloan: "Despite all this newfound money, the state has still managed to blow through around $2 billion in state surplus funds. And this is before we even get to the major budget fights over things like transportation and education."

Paula Noonan

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Paula Noonan: "Some entities get enough money to put up very expensive facilities offering every medical miracle and others operate on a shoestring and may not survive after COVID."

Paula Noonan: "The haze you see isn’t just from the prescribed burn at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. There’s another source of polluting stuff in the air, and it’s drifting your way because of lax enforcement from the state’s Air Quality Control Department, a division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, a name that’s become an oxymoron."

Paula Noonan: "A protection fence is worse than graffiti and broken windows from protests over police events that left a demonstrator without an eye from a non-lethal projectile. And its construction wouldn’t prevent 'militia' volunteers dressed in military gear from standing on the Capitol steps with weapons at the ready when they object to COVID restrictions such as wearing a mask."

Paula Noonan: "House Minority Leader Hugh McKean has a long way to go to “own the pride,” the Republican caucus in the state House. His members may be big cats, but they’re not hunting on the same team."

Hal Bidlack

Hal Bidlack: "Arizona joins other deeply red states Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, and Wyoming in declaring their 'sanctuary' status, somewhat ironic given the GOP’s usual obsession with denying other governmental entities the ability to declare sanctuary zones."

Hal Bidlack: "The Common Sense Institute recently released a report on what has been happening with Colorado insurance rates recently. It appears that Polis has been pretty darn effective in reducing costs while improving care."

Jimmy Sengenberger

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Jimmy Sengenberger: "Democrats know voters won’t approve a gas tax hike, or a new tax on delivery services or ridesharing rides, so instead they’ll manufacture a new 'fee' without ever pitching the idea to us."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "Whether it’s Democrats claiming Trump won in 2016 due to malicious Russian meddling or Republicans asserting Biden narrowly won in 2020 because of widespread election fraud, publicly questioning the results of any close election is pretty popular these days. To punish Moore for sharing a common opinion is unfair and unreasonable."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "Tomorrow, Colorado’s public health department is expected to ease the statewide mask mandate and loosen restrictions on outdoor gatherings, bars, restaurants, offices and more.  This is part of yet another change in the state’s revolving “COVID Dial,” arguably the greatest source of uncertainty for businesses across the state."

Jimmy Sengenberger: "In a remarkable moment of comity, two unlikely partners — then-U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (Republican) and then-U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings (Maryland) — were among those who spearheaded a thoroughly bipartisan effort to commemorate Liberty Day."

Miller Hudson

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Miller Hudson: "2021 may not be the right season for a public option. Although Democrats prefer to ignore the fact that medical premiums can't be arbitrarily reduced by 20% simply because the industry has been making too damned much money, how does this claim differ from the Republican argument that there is sufficient money for every conceivable government program if we simply root out all the bureaucratic waste, fraud and abuse?"

Miller Hudson: "Colorado voters have much to feel good about when they consider their legislature’s performance as it navigated the COVID years. There may be little but rancor and stalemate on offer in Washington, redounding in favor of no one, but under the Gold Dome in Denver partisanship was set aside, for the most part, in favor of preserving lives and propping up the economy."

Miller Hudson: "There’s nothing wrong with Democrats taking a victory lap, but the decision to exclude Denver journalists doesn’t bode well for the White House once it faces tougher fights ahead."

Jon Caldara

Jon Caldara: "Do the anti-gun laws I want make us safe, or do they just make us feel safe? If the anti-gun law fails to make a sizable difference, then what next? Where does it end?"