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Democrat Alex Valdez is running for his second term against Republican Jonathan Woodley and Joe Richardson of the Unity Party.

About the district:

Located in Denver, including Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, the National Western complex; downtown Denver, the state Capitol and Lincoln Park; RINO and Five Points, west of Downing.

Population: 89,142

Households: 38,224

Median Household Income: $60,196

Median Age: 32.3; Over 65: 8%

Poverty Rate: 18.5%

Racial breakdown: 44% Hispanic; 44% white; 4% Asian; 5% Black

Voter breakdown: 46% Dem; 9% GOP; 42%  UAF

The candidates:

Jonathan Woodley, Republican

Jonathan Woodley

Jonathan Woodley 

About Woodley: A member of the National Guard, Woodley manages restaurants in downtown Denver. He pledges to protect school choice, the 1st and 2nd Amendment, the unborn and parental rights and TABOR.

Alex Valdez, Democrat

Alex Valdez

Alex Valdez 

About Valdez: Valdez won his first election to the House in 2018. He serves on the Capital Development Committee, and the House Transportation & Local Government and Energy & Environment committees. He also chairs the LGBTQ caucus. Valdez’ legislative accomplishments focus on green energy, including bills requiring builders to offer higher efficiency devices (including solar panels) for new home construction, improvements to the minimum energy code for building construction, and electric vehicles. He is co-owner of EcoMark Solar. 

Joe Richardson, Unity Party Of Colorado

Joe Richardson

Joe Richardson

About Richardson: Has no website, positions unknown. He runs a mail-order business and served for two years as a Downtown Denver Ambassador for the Business Improvement District.

Cash breakdown/Top donors

Woodley: $1,125

Top donors: Kristina Cook, chair of Denver GOP ($400), Cody Davis of Grand Junction ($100), former US Congressman Bob Shaffer of Fort Collins ($50).

Valdez: $23,233

Top donors: COPIC small donor ($3,000), DaVita ($625), General Motors PAC ($625).

Richardson: $0

Top donors: Has not reported any campaign contributions

Colorado Politics analysis:

Safe Democrat. A district as solidly “D” as it comes. Those who have represented this district in the past include former Speaker of the House Crisanta Duran and former Denver Mayor Federico Pena. No Republican has represented this district in at least 50 years.

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