Joe Neguse tweet

State Rep. Leslie Herod of Denver retweets a post from her classmate and political ally Joe Neguse, the freshman congressman from Lafayette, on Sept. 15, 2020.

The gentleman from Colorado shows his school spirit when he's doing the people's business these days, it would appear. U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse, the freshman from Lafayette, tweeted a selfie donning a black-and-gold University of Colorado face covering with the hashtag #GoBuffs.

Some might call that political pandering, but that's who Neguse is, election or not.

His political future was practically etched out in black and gold.

Colorado Politics reported last year about how Neguse and a core of other student activists at the state's namesake university forged high-powered political alliances that have endured.

State Rep. Leslie Herod was one of those schoolmate allies, and she retweeted Neguse's picture Tuesday night.

"Back in D.C. working #ForThePeople," Neguse tweeted over a selfie outside the Capitol. "Also, #GoBuffs."

The tweet got hundreds of likes.

"Also....go Buffs. Nice," replied state Rep. Jeni Arndt, a Democrat from Fort Collins, who holds degrees from CU, Colorado State and Colorado College.

Responded one person to Neguse on Twitter, who has two followers, "You won't work for the only work for Pelosi and her goons."


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