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President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally at The Broadmoor World Arena on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020, in Colorado Springs. 

More than 70,000 people reserved tickets online for President Donald Trump's rally on Thursday in Colorado Springs, and 17% of them were Democrats, Trump's campaign manager said Friday.

Trump spoke to an estimated 10,000 people inside The Broadmoor World Arena, with an equally large overflow crowd listening on speakers outside in the parking lot.

"Coloradans are fired up about the election this fall, and the Trump campaign has the data to prove we are amassing a huge and diverse coalition of supporters in the Centennial State," said Kyle Kohli, the Colorado spokesman for the Republican National Committee, on Friday. He pointed to a tweet by Brad Parscale, manager of the president's 2020 re-election campaign.

"Thank you, Colorado!" tweeted Parscale, next to an "exploding head" emoji.

"Data: 71,984 Tickets, 38,790 Voters Identified (94% from CO), 19% Didn’t Vote in 2016 (7,286 voters!!!), 17% Democrats. Now Las Vegas time. This will help [Sen. Cory Gardner]. YUGE!"

The president was scheduled to hold another "Make America Great" rally in Las Vegas on Friday.

"The numbers don’t lie — this president is bringing new voters into the fold and growing his army of support every day, and come November, that army will be ready to re-elect President Trump to four more years in office," Kohli said.

At Thursday's Colorado rally, Trump embraced Gardner, who is seeking a second term in a state trending toward the Democrats.

"You are going to help us get Cory Gardner across that line because he’s been with us 100%," Trump said before later inviting Gardner on stage with him. "There was no waver. He’s been with us. There was no waver with Cory and we appreciate that."

Gardner, like every Republican in the Senate except for Utah's Mitt Romney, voted to acquit Trump on both articles of impeachment earlier this month after voting against calling witnesses to testify in the Senate trial.

Parscale tweeted a similar set of numbers following a Wednesday rally in Phoenix, where 18% of those who reserved tickets were Democrats, and 26% didn't vote in the last presidential election.

The Washington Examiner reports that almost half of those attending a recent Trump rally in Ohio were registered Democrats or independents, and 17% of the people at a rally in New Hampshire didn't vote in 2016, suggesting that the president is drawing new people into the political process. 

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