Polis endorsement

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis speaks to reporters in his office at the state Capitol on March 26, 2019.

Gov. Jared Polis is only flirting with the fellow Democrats who would like his endorsement for president next year, and that includes fellow Coloradan Michael Bennet, the state's U.S. senator.

“I’ve made it clear to the candidates I don’t intend to make an endorsement any time soon,” Polis told reporters at a gathering at the governor's mansion in Denver on Tuesday morning.

Colorado will have a larger role in the Democratic nomination process next year, because it moved up its primary to Super Tuesday, March 3, when 14 states and American Samoa, representing about one-third of the U.S. electorate, cast ballots.

“Part of what we hope to accomplish by setting up our state as a Super Tuesday state was to attract the attention of the contenders seeking the presidency of the country and their responsiveness to Colorado issues,” Polis said.

A former congressman, Polis knows nearly all of them personally, and most, as a courtesy, will give him a call when they're campaigning in the state, he said. 

Asked specifically about endorsing Bennet, the governor said, “We expect that he will perform well in Colorado,” Polis said. “But we also hope to attract the attention of the other candidates, as well,” adding “I’m happy to meet with any candidates.”

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