An October 2018 picture from Colorado Gov. Jared Polis' personal Instagram account.

Jared Polis wants his Twitter followers to know that he is a full-time governor — and a part-time entertainer.

As his professional Twitter account, @GovofCO, stays active with updates on travel, events and state business, tweets from his personal account, @jaredpolis, also continue ... on other topics.

Polis recently informed his audience of nearly 75,000 — nearly triple the audience size of his official gubernatorial account, handed down to him from predecessor John Hickenlooper — of the legit existence of the narwhal-beluga combonarluga," that cell phones are reportedly turning children into demons, and of his aspirations (perhaps tongue in cheek, perhaps not?) of becoming “Twitter famous."

“I’m learning how to tabloidize and exaggerate headlines to better become twitter famous," the tech entrepreneur-turned-governor recently tweeted. "How about this one: EAT CHOCOLATE TO LOSE WEIGHT AND END OBESITY.” 

Polis’ professional and personal worlds sometimes collide. When they do, he tweets about politics as it relates to everyday life. Last month Polis tweeted from his personal account about the effects of President Donald Trump’s proposed additional tariffs on China ... on video gamers.

“You think Trump’s tariffs don’t affect you? Think again!" he tweeted. "Gamers of the world, unite!” 

Polis isn't afraid to mix business with fun. Last month he took a ride on his electric scooter around the Capitol and tweeted video of the quick trip — from his official gubernatorial account.

“Tested out my electric scooter skills in front of the Capitol this afternoon!” he tweeted along with the video, which has been viewed nearly 24,000 times.

Generally, Polis likes to use his personal account to exchange banter with those who engage him, crack jokes and remind everyone that he has interests outside of being Colorado’s governor.

“Who will sit on the porcelain iron throne? #GameOfThrones” he tweeted on May 19, the day of the show's finale.

Perhaps another goal for this tech-savvy governor: becoming proverbially #instafamous. With a mere 14,900 followers and no posts on his personal account since January, it's safe to say he has a ways to go.

But, hey, we get it. The guy's got a day job.

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