The Pikes Peak Posse from Colorado Springs area and their northern rivals, the Denver Rustlers, are ready to ride to the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo Aug. 27.

As they've done for decades, civic-minded business folks and elected leaders in the state's two largest urban areas put on cowboy shirts and ride in busses to the fair, where they drive up the prices of livestock to help reward junior competitors for the commitment and excellence.

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People can sign up to go to rub elbows and support three worthy causes: young competitors, the fair and the spirit of Colorado camaraderie.

The Rustlers have announced a $170,000 goal this year, and over its 34 previous years has put more than $3 million in donations into the pockets of children and in support of the Colorado State Fair.

The fair and rodeos extend from Aug. 23 to Sept. 2 at the fairgrounds in Pueblo.  

To learn more about the Pikes Peak Posse and sign up to ride for the brand, click here.

To be Rustler from Denver, click here

Gov. Jared Polis is expected to make the ride with the Rustlers, as he's done in the past as a congressman, the governor's office confirmed Thursday.

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, the former state attorney general who worked in Denver, sent a letter out to past and prospective riders for the posse, urging them to help "outshine the Denver Rustlers."

He invited anyone interested to "drop me a quick line at"

Suthers explained how it works:

"Upon arriving at the State Fair Exhibition Hall in Pueblo, the kids who raised the animals on which we will be bidding, will show them to you and will thank you personally for your participation," he wrote in the email.

"These are very special youngsters who will increase your faith in the next generation."

Membership in the Posse is $500, while the Rustlers ask $625, a price that includes the shirt and, in Denver's case, a cowboy hat.

A barbecue lunch is served at the fair before the auction begins, and friendships and business deals are often struck before, after and during the bus ride for the day.

Both gathering as a who's who in business and political influencers and decision makers for their regions and the state.

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