Rebecca Curry - Earthjustice

Rebecca Curry, the Colorado policy advocate for Earthjustice.

A veteran of ACLU efforts is taking up the Earthjustice cause for "air quality protections, clean energy, and stronger oil and gas regulations," the environmental organization said Thursday.

At a time issues around renewable energy and climate change are driving the discussion in Colorado politics, Rebecca Curry will be the Colorado policy advocate for the national environmental law organization.

She comes from the American Civil Liberties Union, where she was the organization's research and policy counsel in Colorado. Before that, she served as director of policy and advocacy for the ACLU in Mississippi, where she "worked to create a fairer criminal justice system by eradicating debtor’s prisons, enacting bail reform and reducing imprisonment rates," Earthjustice said in a press release.

“Colorado has already shown strong leadership when it comes to transitioning from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy — and this evolution to green has been good for both the environment and the economy,” Heidi McIntosh, managing attorney of Earthjustice’s Rocky Mountain office, said in the statement. “But we must do better, and having Rebecca on board will give us the capacity and policy savvy to ensure Colorado achieves its full potential as an energy and climate trailblazer.”

Colorado is moving fast on greener energy policies since Gov. Jared Polis took office last year, and Democratic majorities in the state House and Senate passed a raft of bills on renewable energy, climate change and electric vehicles last session.

The governor took office with a pledge to move the state toward 100% renewable energy by 2040, Earthjustice noted.

“It is an exciting time to join the Earthjustice team in Colorado as we work to build the momentum for a clean energy future,” Curry stated. “Colorado can be a beacon for the Rocky Mountain region, if we hold to a strong vision and invest in clear-eyed policies and legislation that guide our state to a brighter tomorrow.”

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