Democrats will get a hand in Colorado from the Progressive Turnout Project next summer.

The organization announced it would spend $45 million to sway voters to the left in 16 states, including about $2 million in Colorado. The organization cited unseating Republican Cory Gardner U.S. Senate race, the presidential race and the defense of Democratic U.S. Rep. Jason Crow's seat in east metro Denver's 6th Congressional District.

That spending includes about 50 canvassers who work out of field offices in Colorado Springs and in the Denver-Boulder area.

Progressive Turnout Project’s executive director, Alex Morgan, predicted canvassers would knock on an astounding 650,000 doors in the 26 weeks between May and the November election. That averages out to 13,000 doors per canvasser, or about 500 voters a week.

The organization said canvassers would "engage in multiple in-depth conversations with voters between May and Election Day, following up with infrequent Democratic voters until they commit to vote."

Morgan explained, "That’s how we’re going to expand 2016’s margin of victory and turn Colorado into a reliable blue state for the indefinite future.”

Nationally, the political action committee is opening 66 offices and placing 1,100 staff, including in "critical battleground states" — Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

“We don’t waste money on TV ads, direct mail or anything else that’s just white noise to most voters,” Morgan said in a statement. “We focus our efforts on what works best — multiple in-depth conversations with voters who are disillusioned with politics as usual. Democrats haven't been doing a good job of speaking to them on an intrinsic level beyond broad party platitudes, and Progressive Turnout Project is aiming to change that.”

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