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The pro-John Hickenlooper super PAC Let's Turn Colorado Blue hit the airwaves statewide Friday night pushing back against Andrew Romanoff ahead of the Democratic primary on June 30.

A new Democratic super PAC, Let's Turn Colorado Blue, is going after Andrew Romanoff, who just went after John Hickenlooper in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

Gov. Jared Polis also has condemned Romanoff's ad as negative campaigning by fellow Democrats.

The winner takes on Sen. Cory Gardner, considered one of the most endangered Republicans in the country with low poll numbers and President Trump's lack of popularity in the left-trending state. 

Let’s Turn Colorado Blue is made up of those who think the Democrats' best chance of unseating Gardner is by nominating Hickenlooper.

“We could not sit idly by as Andrew Romanoff continued to attack John Hickenlooper and Cory Gardner and national Republican groups jumped into the middle of this primary — running millions of dollars in negative ads aimed at taking down John Hickenlooper and boosting his opponent," Mannie Rodriguez, the treasurer of Let’s Turn Colorado Blue, said Friday night.

A new 30-second ad by Romanoff mocks a past TV ad by the former governor as he calls out Hickenlooper over recent ethics violations.

"Scrub harder, Hick," the ad's narrator states.

The Let's Turn Colorado Blue ad focuses on a compromise Romanoff made with former Republican Gov. Bill Owens over immigration rules in 2006, when Romanoff was speaker of the Colorado House. Romanoff has apologized for the decision throughout the campaign.

The seven-figure buy will broadcast the ad statewide, Let's Turn Colorado Blue said. The ads rolled out Friday night.

“Our ad exposes Andrew Romanoff’s record of cutting deals with Republicans to pass some of the nation’s harshest anti-immigration laws, including the deplorable ‘show me your papers’ law, which John Hickenlooper later repealed as governor," Rodriguez said. "We need someone like John Hickenlooper, who will stand up for the Latino community, not Andrew Romanoff, a politician who bragged about passing the 'toughest illegal immigration package in the nation."

Romanoff responded Friday night.

"It’s fairly obvious that Hickenlooper’s supporters have been planning these attacks for weeks," he said in an email. "John Hickenlooper should either stand by these attacks that are paid by his supporters or he should denounce it.”

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