Polis and Gia

Gov. Jared Polis holds First Dog Gia during his chat with Aaron Harber for a program that will air statewide on Sunday.

Gov. Jared Polis has big plans to fund education and clean air, coupled with a big promise to reduce most Coloradans' income taxes.

How will he pay for the latter largesse? He's looking at you, the rich and powerful. 

'We're looking at all of the loopholes in the tax code that benefit the wealthy and well-connected, or the lobbyists, with a goal of finding what's realistic to reduce or phase out in order to reduce your income tax rate and the income tax of your viewers," the self-made tech millionaire turned politician said in an interview he gave at the governor's mansion to "The Aaron Harber Show."

But, Polis added, "That's met with the political reality of the well-connected and the lobbyists, and we're taking 'em on, and at least we'll hopefully have some victories to pay for it."

The episode will air statewide Sunday, but it's available online by clicking here.

In his chat with Harber, Polis crowed about his first-year accomplishments on health care legislation aimed at curbing costs, as well as funding free full-day kindergarten statewide (a failed Republican concept last year).

He talked about education, an issue that's long been his personal and political passion, as a two-time charter school founder and a former state education board member. Polis said kids don't all learn the same way, so there need to be different ways to teaching them.

"We want to make sure kids have the environment that allows them to thrive," the governor said.

Polis stayed on his campaign and governing message of a Colorado for all.

"Folks just, it seems like, don't really trust their elected officials," Polis told Harber about the toxic environment of politics these days. 

And that's too bad, he suggested, because most of the elected officials he's worked with from both parties are doing their best to represent their constituents.

"The truth is constituents in different parts of the state often want different things," Polis said. "Somebody in a 75% Democratic district in Denver might have a different vision of the state than someone from the Eastern Plains that's 75% Republican.

"But that doesn't mean anybody is less Coloradan or less patriotic."

Polis soon criticized President Trump on trade, with the Democratic governor characterizing tariffs and trade wars as "stabbing our economy in the foot over and over again, and there's just no reason for it."

The program will air at 11:30 a.m. in the Denver metro area on KCDO-TV Channel 3 (K3 Colorado), as well as on Comcast Entertainment Television and ION Media Networks (KPXC-TV) statewide.

Harber, the veteran Colorado TV talker, thinks he's known Polis longer than the rest of the crowd covering state politics.

He interviewed the future congressman when the now 44-year-old governor was in 16-year-old high school student. 

“I’m afraid First Dog Gia stole the show,” Harber told Colorado Politics of the interview.

“Regardless of your perspective on Gov. Polis, what clearly sets him apart from some of his predecessors is the fact he came into office with a specific agenda and began to implement it immediately. Many elected officials understandably take their time to get acclimated to a new position — Jared hit the ground running.”

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