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Gamblers place bets on sports events at the FanDuel sports book at the Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford, N.J., on July 14, 2018, the day it opened.

Among the latest endorsers of the sports-betting ballot measure Proposition DD are some well-known outdoors and agriculture industry leaders.

Proponents say the measure, if voters approve, would raises up to $29 million a year in taxes off betting with licensed Colorado casinos. That money would be used for the state water plan adopted under the Hickenlooper administration to fund projects and conservation in a growing state under the threat of climate change.

"My business depends on clean, abundant water, which is why I'm pleased to endorse Proposition DD," said Sarah Tingey of Alpacka Rafts, a member of the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance, in a statement released by the ballot measures advocacy group. "As our rivers and streams face growing challenges, including climate change and population increases, we must fund Colorado's precious water resources."

Added Auden Schendler, the vice president of sustainability for Aspen Skiing Co.: “Colorado’s snowpack, which provides the vast majority of our water, is projected to decrease by more than 50% by the end of this century. So it’s critical that we rally industry support now to protect and conserve water resources.”  

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The Yes on Proposition DD includes support from the Boulder-based Outdoor Industry Association, as well.

“Ensuring the protection of Colorado’s water is critical to the future of the state and the state’s $28 billion outdoor recreation economy,” David Weinstein, the association's state and local policy director, stated. “Proposition DD is a once in a generation opportunity to help protect this most precious resource and presents the chance to make sure Colorado’s water remains clean and accessible for current and future generations.”

Molly Mugglestone, the communications and Colorado policy director for the Business for Water Stewardship, pointed to the challenges of booming populations in the arid West.

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“Investing in conservation, efficiency, and river health with Proposition DD will ensure our rivers will remain healthy and continue to fuel Colorado’s thriving outdoor-recreation economy, and that cities have reliable, clean, and safe drinking water supplies as they grow,” she said in a statement.

The campaign points to its list of other endorsers: Action 22, the Arkansas River Outfitters Association, Aspen Skiing Company, Business for Water Stewardship, the Colorado Association of Homebuilders, the Colorado Association of Mechanical & Plumbing Contractors, Colorado Business Roundtable, Colorado Bankers Association, Colorado Competitive Council, Colorado Concern, Colorado Contractors Association, Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors, the Downtown Denver Partnership and the Outdoor Industry Association.

“The economics of Proposition DD make sense for our state," stated Rich Werner, the president and CEO of the Greeley-based economic development group Upstate Colorado. "We need to find a reliable source of funding for Colorado's Water Plan to support the business of agriculture, which is crucial to our state's economy and well being. The necessary investment into projects supported by the water plan can support sustainable solutions that protect our farmers, agricultural business and our rivers.” 

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