Gray Wolf

A gray wolf walks in its enclosure in a wildlife park in Springe, Germany, on May 7, 2019.

The Outdoor Channel has joined a movement to stop grey wolves from being reintroduced to Colorado.

Colorado's Stop the Wolf Coalition is campaigning against Initiative 107, whose backers are currently seeking signatures to qualify for the 2020 November ballot. The ballot measure, if approved and passed, would reintroduce between 20 and 30 wolves to the Western Slope by 2023.

The full text of the proposed ballot measure can be found by clicking here.

Outdoor Channel has come out against the initiative due to concern over the reduction of moose, elk, and deer populations, as well as the threat of disease, danger to hunters, and ecosystem disruption, according to a release Tuesday.

“It's going to take all of us working together to stop these forced wolf extremists and their out-of-state money from turning our beautiful state into the killing grounds for a dangerous, non-native, apex predator," said Outdoor Channel CEO Jim Liberatore in the release.

The Wolf Action Fund says the bill will actually restore ecosystemic balance.

“It’s important that we reunite the path of wolf movement from [the] north to south [borders] because with movement you have integration, which is good for ecological health,” said Rick Ridder, the campaign’s spokesman. “It all ties into: Let’s keep Colorado wild, let’s keep our wilderness wild, and let’s try to keep what we love about Colorado and our mountains for our children and grandchildren.”

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Please bring up the history of the re-introdution of the wolf in Yellowstone. The wolves killed the wild game and left them to rot. They left the park to the outlaying ranches and killed the livestock and left them to rot. This is fact, I was there and the introduction of the wolf distroyed wild game and livestock

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