Ballot Issue 2C

Workers with Schmidt Construction Co. pave a section of Venetucci Boulevard in Colorado Springs, one of the projects funded by the voter-supported Ballot Issue 2C.

A group that opposes extending a sales tax for transportation in Colorado Springs is putting its message on the airwaves. says it has "seed money" of $5,000 to air the ad against Ballot Question 2C, but it hopes to gather more financial support to keep it running until the Nov. 5 election, Laura Carno, founder of the organization, tells Colorado Politics.

“We oppose the passage of 2C, the renewal of the pothole tax. Even outside of the annual income from the current pothole tax, and from the Stormwater Fee, the city of Colorado Springs has record revenue, and record spending,” Carno said in a statement. “City government can prioritize roads, bridges and public safety today. It doesn’t need to renew a sales tax to prioritize these important expenditures.”

RELATED: Colorado Springs City Council approves measures for Nov. 5 ballot argues that only a little more than half the money so far has gone to paving roads and fixing potholes. The ad implies the money will be spent on bike lanes.

Voters in 2015 passed the 0.62% tax in 2015, which the city says so far has:

  • resurfaced 783 lane miles of roads,
  • replaced 609,033 linear feet of curb and gutter,
  • replaced 1,287,633 square feet of sidewalk,
  • and installed 4,055 new or retrofitted pedestrian ramps.

Voters will decide whether to continue to 2025 at a slighter lower rate, 0.57%, rather than allow it to expire this year.

The existing tax generates about $50 million a year.

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