Tony Gagliardi

Tony Gagliardi, Colorado director for the National Federation of Independent Business

The National Federal of Independent Business' jobs report Wednesday showed the labor market's continued slide in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Small businesses in June reduced employment by 0.28 workers per firm over the past month, which is worse than the average decrease of 0.17 workers per employer in May, NFIB's monthly tally reported. Six percent of small businesses reported increasing employment an average of 2.6 workers, while 22% reported reducing employment an average of 4.6 workers last month.

Tony Gagliardi, NFIB's state director for Colorado, said the pandemic poses additional threats to businesses and the economic recovery.

“The coronavirus crisis is not of Colorado’s making, but the state could do more to help all of us weather it,” he said in a statement. “We cannot wait for Congress to come up with liability reform to protect our small businesses from unjustly being sued by their employees and customers who claim to have contracted COVID-19 at a place of business even though they cannot prove it. There’s already anxiety I’m hearing from small business owners who have employees calling in sick with a fever and the national Centers for Disease Control says you cannot force a person to be tested, but Colorado law says they can only return to work with a doctor’s release if they’ve been out for four consecutive days.

"Worries like this and many others are contributing to the great uncertainty throughout the land, and Colorado, for its part, will not get around to doing anything about them until January when its Legislature reconvenes.”

NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg said small businesses are facing "various levels of uncertainty" about the future, especially as some state's see rising infections again.

"With recent COVID-19 spikes in some cases, many state governments are reversing prior decisions and reducing the potential for small business to earn needed revenue,” he said.

Read the jobs report by clicking here.

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