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If you don't agree with the way the city of Denver spends its money, you can give it a shot yourself.

Denver launched an interactive online tool Wednesday for users to balance the city's budget in the way they'd like. The total funding of almost $1.49 billion can be distributed among 18 spending categories.

“Our goal is to make the city’s finances as transparent and accessible as possible and the new Balancing Act tool is an interactive way for residents to learn about the city’s budget,” said Denver’s Chief Financial Officer Brendan Hanlon in a release.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock released the actual budget proposal for the city last month, which includes almost $100 million in affordable housing investments, nearly $120 million for transportation, around $40 million in green energy investments and $6.2 million to hire new police officials.

“From day one, I made a firm commitment to making city government more open, accountable and accessible to the residents of Denver,” Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said. “Our annual budget reaffirms our values and shows our commitments to our residents, and this new budget simulator tool allows them to step into our shoes and learn more about the questions we face when balancing the city’s budget each year.”

The budget proposal and the interactive tool can be found here.

“I hope that by using the new budget tool, residents of all ages will get a glimpse into the complex decisions we face each year when determining how best to invest city funds, maintain a balanced budget, and serve the needs of our growing city," Hanlon said.

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