Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg's push into Colorado gained force with a pack of high-profile endorsements Tuesday, including Michael Huttner, the brain and muscle behind the launch of ProgressNow and other progressive causes in Colorado a decade and a half ago.

Huttner also was a key behind-the-scenes player in 2010 when drug reform activists and policy leaders came up with the campaign to decriminalize cannabis in Colorado, the first state to do so.

“While Trump is weak, disorganized and a loser, Mike Bloomberg is strong, his team is organized and they will win this November,” Huttner said in a statement Tuesday. “Mike Bloomberg is the strongest candidate to beat Trump in the battleground states – like Colorado, Florida and Michigan – that will decide this election.”

More recently Huttner is the CEO of Powerplant Global Strategies and co-author of "The Resistance Handbook: 48 Ways to Fight Trump."

The campaign also announced Tuesday that state Rep. Tom Sullivan, a Democrat from Centennial, is being added a co-chair of Bloomberg's campaign in Colorado. Sullivan has been an advocate for stronger gun laws. His son, Alex, was among those killed in the Aurora theater shooting.

Sullivan endorsed Bloomberg in December.

Bloomberg, likewise, has a record of high-profile efforts to curb gun violence.

Other bold-faced backers identified by the campaign Tuesday were:

  • Juanita Chacon, a RE/MAX Realtor, former chair of state Housing Board and the Denver Urban Renewal Board, co-founder of Latinas First Foundation, a former Denver RTD director and co-chair of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.
  • Mark Falcone, an unaffiliated voter who is the founder and CEO of Continuum Partners. 
  • Judith Zee Steinberg, former treasurer of the Colorado Democratic Party and a "party activist," Bloomberg's campaign said.
  • Donna Good, the former human services manager for the City and County of Denver and the former president of operations and finance for the Biennial of the Americas.
  • Walter Isenberg, co-founder, president and CEO of Sage Hospitality, a board member of Visit Denver and a member of the Union Station Alliance.

“Mike Bloomberg’s background makes him the strongest candidate in this race," Chacon said in a statement. "He has been successful in the worlds of business, politics and philanthropy. His record tells me that if elected he will end our domestic gridlock and restore our country's place in the world.” 

Good added, “Having watched politicians the last 40 years of my life, I never expected to hear any politician speak to the heart of the African-American community and the drastic inequality they have faced in this country which has most certainly got worse under the Trump administration. I wept through the last 20 minutes of Mike Bloomberg’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, speech (Sunday).”

The campaign provided an endorsement video featuring Isenberg, who called Bloomberg "a jobs creator and a problem solver." The video is available by clicking here.

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