Lindsey Daugherty

Lindsey Daugherty

Colorado's state House District 29 race — at least the Democratic primary — could get expensive, if early fundraising totals for the 2020 race are any indication. Family and juvenile law attorney Lindsey Daugherty has an early lead.

Daugherty said friends, family, and colleagues contributed to her campaign haul of $20,284, since she entered the race on Aug 2.

Victoria Lopez, a Democrat from Arvada, reported $15,865, and fellow Democrat Amber Hott of Westminster collected $4,242 in contributions.

Vanessa Warren-Demott of Westminster, the only Republican in the race, so far, brought in $562.

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp of Arvada is barred from running again because of Colorado's four-term limit in the House.

Last year, Kraft-Tharp raised more than $129,699 to retain the seat over Republican challenger Grady Nouis, who raised $38,762, according to the Secretary of State's Office.

She collected more than 58% of the vote against Nouis and Libertarian Hans Romer (who reported no contributions and still received 4.3% of the vote).

“This is going to be a tough race,” Daugherty said in a statement Monday. “HD29 is only blue because voters know and respect Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp’s work. As a first-time candidate, I know I am going to have to out-work everybody else to win this race.”

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