Denver From The Foothills

Lakewood, with downtown Denver in the distance.

Lakewood is running into road blocks while establishing a housing cap.

The city's voters approved a measure in July that limits new housing construction to 1% annually. The move came as Denver and surrounding cities grapple with growing pains from population increase.

At a City Council meeting on Monday, council members discussed establishing the cap, debating language in the measure that exempts blighted areas from the restrictions, according to reporting by the Denver Post.

The definition of a blighted area was debated Monday, and one map presented at the meeting concluded that almost half of the city could be exempt under a broad definition of the word, the Post reported.

There were disagreements about how to interpret the concept, with some council members stating that the strict definition under their urban renewal statutes should be honored, and some attendees arguing that exemptions should allow for areas that need development.

Council has the rest of the year to continue debating the topic, until January of 2020, when it will begin issuing allocations to developers while honoring the cap.

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