From governor to presidential hopeful to Senate candidate — all in less than eight months.

And Colorado Politics has been following the twists and turns of John Hickenlooper's remarkable political odyssey every step of the way.

Here are key CoPo stories. And CLICK ABOVE for a gallery of Hickenlooper's journey.

> John Hickenlooper launches bid for U.S. Senate

> CoPo interview: Hickenlooper says he's now focused on 'turning Washington around' in Senate

> Hickenlooper's Senate announcement yields mixed reactions

> Poll: Hickenlooper would lead Gardner by wide margin in Colorado Senate race

> INSIGHTS | Potholes line the campaign trail for a Hickenlooper-Gardner matchup

> Hickenlooper ends presidential bid, says he's giving 'serious thought' to Senate race (VIDEO)

> Twitter, late-night hosts blow up on Hickenlooper dropping out of presidential race

> John Hickenlooper is dropping out of the presidential race, sources say

> National group launches campaign to draft Hickenlooper into US Senate race

> No post-debate pop so far for Bennet, Hickenlooper

> Hickenlooper cracks door open to challenging Cory Gardner

> Hickenlooper & Bennet debate in Detroit: CoPo's complete coverage

> '': Web names registered in case Hickenlooper jumps to Senate race

> Top Democrats for president: How WaPo ranks Hickenlooper, Bennet

> Michael Moore backhands Hickenlooper as he talks 2020 strategy (VIDEO)

> 'View' host to Hickenlooper: Which candidate are you? (VIDEO)

> Poll shows Hickenlooper would dominate Colorado's Democratic US Senate primary

> Hickenlooper, Bennet will appear on different nights at debate in Detroit

> Hickenlooper, Bennet confirmed for Detroit

> Hickenlooper's fundraising total puts him near back of the 2020 presidential pack (VIDEO)

> LYNN BARTELS | Don't count Hick out just yet

> No debate bump for Bennet, Hickenlooper in latest polls

> Shakeup at Hickenlooper's struggling 2020 presidential campaign

> INSIGHTS | Hickenlooper takes on ‘The Boy Crisis’

> Hickenlooper & Bennet in Miami: Coverage of the Democrats' first presidential debate

> 2020 ELECTION: Media take stock of Hickenlooper, Bennet ahead of Thursday's debate

> Colorado Senate President Garcia quizzes Mayor Pete; Hickenlooper talks about Latino opportunities

> Hickenlooper, Bennet to join biggest gathering yet of Dem candidates (VIDEO)

> Who 2 Colorado corporate CEOs are backing for president

> Hickenlooper, Bennet qualify for 1st presidential debate

> Hickenlooper takes on Sanders' democratic socialism stance

> More voices call for Hickenlooper to switch to Senate race

> Tuning in on Bennet, Hickenlooper music choices for Iowa candidate parade

> MSNBC's Maddow to Hick: Why not run for Senate instead? (VIDEOS)

> Hickenlooper proposes gun licensing and safety tests

> Hickenlooper delivers speech on national security (VIDEO)

> Hickenlooper takes on Trump on ABC; Bennet touts public health option in Fortune

> Will both of Colorado's 2020 candidates make it on stage in Miami? It's debatable

> How far left are Colorado's presidential candidates? Survey says...

> Hickenlooper on Bennet: We're friends, but ...

> Hickenlooper moves the 2020 needle in latest poll

> Hickenlooper talks mental-health needs in meeting with Columbine shooting survivors (VIDEO)

> Hickenlooper tops $2M for first quarter, trails most fellow White House contenders

> Hickenlooper calls for a presidential apology for slavery

> Hickenlooper reacts to Biden over alleged harassment, chides Iowa governor over health insurance (VIDEO)

> TRAIL MIX | Hickenlooper hopes to gallop past gaffes like Seabiscuit

> INSIGHTS | A Coloradan in the White House? That's a high mountain to climb

> Hickenlooper discusses Trump, death penalty, universal health care at CNN town hall

> Lara Trump on Denver radio: What are Hick, Democrats thinking?

> Iowans on hand for Hickenlooper see their caucus as 'democracy in action'

> CAPITOL M ROAD TRIP | Hickenlooper in Iowa: notes from the campaign trail

> Hickenlooper flashes pragmatism, humor, music in whirlwind tour of Iowa (GALLERY)

> Hickenlooper makes his Iowa debut as a declared presidential candidate (GALLERY)

> Hickenlooper in Iowa: What they're saying in the Hawkeye State

> Hickenlooper, Bennet are barely blips in Iowa poll

> TRAIL MIX | Would Washington drink President Hick's brew?

> Sights, sounds and thoughts from Hickenlooper's Denver rally

> Hickenlooper's big night in Denver: He vows to heal 'crisis of division' (VIDEOS, GALLERY)

> 'Big Hickup': Plane over Hickenlooper's rally gets in a dig about ethics probe

> LIVE BLOG: Hickenlooper's presidential campaign kick-off rally in Denver

> Hickenlooper: Feds should let states decide whether to legalize pot (VIDEO)

> Hickenlooper presidential campaign tops $1M in fundraising (VIDEO)

> It's official: Hickenlooper announces presidential bid (VIDEO)

> Hickenlooper for president: What national media are saying

> 2020 presidential race: National media go deep on Hickenlooper, Bennet (VIDEOS)

> Hickenlooper set to announce presidential decision March 7 in Denver

> 2020 race: Hick hints at 'all the fun that's to come' in New Hampshire ads

> 2020 Senate race: Hickenlooper snubs bid to take on Gardner

> TRAIL MIX | Democratic presidential hopefuls sometimes pole-vault from back in the pack

> Hick celebrates birthday with New York fundraiser

> Hickenlooper touts trade, alliances at Munich meeting

> A Presidents Day roundup of Hickenlooper, Bennet on the 2020 trail (VIDEOS)

> Hickenlooper: Too 'friendly' to win the White House?

> Hickenlooper spending Valentine's Day in New Hampshire

> Hickenlooper touts record in D.C. ahead of decision on 2020 bid

> Top 13 ways Hickenlooper says he's probably (but not officially) running for president

> Hickenlooper bartends, kisses babies, tests water in Iowa

> Hickenlooper heads to Iowa as presidential decision nears (VIDEO)

> Hickenlooper adds to advisory staff ahead of potential presidential run

> John Hickenlooper recalls challenges, praises his successor at Polis inaugural

> Hickenlooper's final news conference as governor: He talks women's-vote commission, presidential run

> COVER STORY | Hickenlooper looks back, ahead











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