Jared Polis restaurant guidelines town hall

Gov. Jared Polis welcomes restaurant owners to an online town hall on Thursday, May 21, 2020, to discuss draft guidelines for reopening restaurants across Colorado.

You couldn't expect a tech innovator such as Colorado's governor not to roll out a latest version. Jared Polis 2.0, you might say.

That's just what Polis is doing with the state "dashboard" website his administration first rolled out in July 2019. Colorado Politics heard first that updates were launching today.

The transparency and accountability is the brainchild of the governor who formerly brought the world internet greeting cards and sending flowers online. It's aimed at delivering transparency and accountability, his people say.

You can check out the dashboard by clicking here.

The updates include promoting accessibility as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, such as data visualizations fully compatible with screen readers. The dashboard also provides a summary of progress on goals in the governor’s "Bold Four" initiatives: tax reform and economic development; energy and renewables; Health; and education and workforce.

“I’m excited to launch these new updates to our dashboard, improving accessibility to the site and increasing transparency with new data visualizations,” Polis said in a statement. “I hope that Coloradans will join our administration on our journey to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves to create a Colorado where everyone can thrive. Though the pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, now more than ever, we are committed to continue improving the way we provide quality services.”

The governor's online hunch has paid off again.

The Governor’s Dashboard was cited as a "leading example" last year in "What Works, State Standard of Excellence" as the best in the country for strategic goal setting, as a result.

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