People who know Brian Watson, the Denver businessman who was the Republican nominee for state treasurer last year, probably know his assistant, Hannah Turgeon, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver in South Bend, Ind., early Sunday.

Hannah Turgeon

Hannah Turgeon in the last photo of her taken by her boss, Denver businessman and former state treasurer candidate Brian Watson.

She was 27.

Turgeon was walking across the street a few hours after the Notre Dame football game when she was struck and killed, according to local media accounts. Witnesses told police the large, dark-colored SUV didn't stop after the collision.

As of Sunday night, the driver had not been located. 

Watson was returning from his honeymoon when he got the bad news Sunday.

"I am heartbroken today," he said on Facebook on Monday morning.

Originally from Westchester, Calif., Turgeon graduated from Notre Dame in 2014. She had been the executive assistant to Watson at his commercial real estate business, Northstar Commercial Partners, since February 2018.

"For anyone that has dealt with me, you know that Hannah was the best assistant I have ever had, and she was one of the most kind, giving, and sweet people you could ever hope to meet," Watson said Monday.

He did not yet know about services, but he intended to let the family know he wants to pay for the arrangements, Watson told Colorado Politics. (This blog will be updated with information about arrangements, when they are available.)

It's been a difficult year for Watson. His close friend and political collaborator Kyle Forti was killed in a helicopter crash in Africa in March.

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