National Parks Electric Bikes

In this June 8, 2019 file photo, Gordon and Janice Goodwin show their electric-assist bicycles outside their home in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Electric bicycles will be available to rent in Denver starting Monday.

Denver Bike Sharing, the nonprofit that runs the city's bike rental system, will be adding electric bikes to their fleet as part of a pilot program through their partnership with Toronto-based company Drop Mobility.

Up to 15 e-bikes will be available to rent through the end of October for a flat fee of $1, plus 15 cents per minute of use, according to a Monday press release.

The program's goal is to "gauge the interest from Denver riders," Denver Bike Sharing Executive Director Mike Pletsch said in the release.

"As always, our goal is to support all Denver citizens with their transportation needs while promoting sustainability, quality of life and public health," Pletsch said. "We look forward to this pilot program with eagerness as Denver Bike Sharing continues to evolve.”

President Donald Trump issued an order earlier this month classifying e-bikes that go up to 28 mph as regular bicycles and allowing them on every federal trail where other bikes are allowed.

Motorized bikes are the fastest-growing product in the bicycle industry, with U.S. sales increasing 72% last year, reported the Associated Press.

"We look forward to this pilot program with eagerness as Denver Bike Sharing continues to evolve," Pletsch said.

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