Walnut Street in Denver's River North district.

Walnut Street in Denver's River North district. A new report recommends making Walnut a two-way route.

Denver's River North Art District is becoming a hotspot for the city, but a new report by the area's Business Improvement District says RiNo needs more transportation options to accommodate residents and visitors.

"RiNo grows more popular each year, with more people traveling through the area by car, foot, bicycle, and transit," the Mobility Study Action Plan, released Wednesday, says. "The boom in development and activity in the Art District has outpaced public infrastructure, and demands on the street network are growing quickly."

Pedestrians face sidewalk gaps, construction closures and a lack of crosswalks, the report says, while bus passengers do not have enough routes to choose from and vehicle drivers deal with a lack of parking.

"Many areas within RiNo will continue to experience increases in population and employment, but without adequate transit service to support this growth," the report says.

The report lists recommendations to update the area's transit system, including a free circulator through the district from Denver Union Station, an alteration of Walnut Street to make it two-way, more bicycle lanes and sidewalks, and updated parking management measures.

“Infrastructure quality has not kept pace with the speed and quantity of built development,” said RiNo Art District Project Director, John Deffenbaugh. “RiNo Art District believes that greater focus is required to ensure that RiNo offers a street-level environment and transit options that are safe, inclusive, and accessible to all.”

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