‘Stop the shakedown’: Colorado ballot measure would go beyond halting collections of speed trap fines

Denver cut the speed limit Friday on the first of five streets cited in Mayor Michael Hancock's "Denver Vision Zero Action Plan."

The speed limit was reduced from 35 to 30 mph on Evans Avenue between Huron Street and Federal Boulevard, reports Denverite.

Hancock announced the change Aug. 7 as part of the response to what he called a "public health crisis" of recent cyclist deaths around the city. Vision Zero's main goal is for Denver's rate of traffic deaths and severe injuries to drop to zero by 2030.

“We’re going to keep pushing for more steps to reduce speeds and reduce conflicts between modes, so fewer and fewer people, until we reach zero, are losing their lives on our streets," Hancock said in a statement.

Denver reports 51 traffic deaths so far in 2019.

In addition to reducing speed limits, the plan also calls for:

  • installing in-street pedestrian crossing signage at 10 locations in August.

  • installing on-street bike corrals at 12 sites in August.

  • enhancing protected bike lanes between 15th and Larimer streets in September.

  • adding five driver-feedback signs this month to alert motorists of their speeds.

  • exploring other low-cost options, such as shortening crossing distances and parking setbacks.

  • promoting safe driving habits among Denver’s youth and improving safe routes to school.

  • increasing enforcement of traffic laws by hiring new officers.

"We need to make Denver’s streets safe for everyone — no matter where they live in the city, no matter their means and no matter their choice to walk, bike, drive or take transit," Hancock said on the city's website.

Colorado Politics contributor Adam McCoy contributed.

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