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Here’s our recap of our best stories of the last seven days from the Colorado Politics staff.

> Some salaried staffers at the Colorado General Assembly are paid extra by political committees

Gov. Jared Polis announces health insurance premium rate reductions

Gov. Jared Polis as an Oct. 10 news conference.

> Donations to Polis campaign committee to fight recalls didn't go to anti-recall groups, filing shows

> Recall group targeting Senate President Leroy Garcia needed 13,506 signatures. They turned in 4.

> New Colorado poll finds support for Trump impeachment probe, 'headwinds' for Cory Gardner

> 2020 Colorado Senate race: Hickenlooper trumps other Democrats on fundraising

> Transgressions of correction officers at Denver women's prison raise concerns about inmate safety

> ELECTION 2019: Colorado voters to decide ballot questions, elect local officials

Ruben Valdez

Lobbyist Ruben Valdez in 2008 watches proceedings inside the Colorado House of Representatives, where he presided as the Democratic speaker during the 1975 and 1976 sessions. (Rocky Mountain News/Western History and Genealogy/Denver Public Library)


> Heads up, Denver voters: Here’s the lowdown on the city’s upcoming ballot initiatives

> You may need a college degree to figure out your Colorado ballot

> COVER STORY | Proposition CC: The TABOR debate hits the ballot

> MARK HARDEN | A fond salute to Team CoPo as I set sail

> INSIGHTS | Preventing teen suicide can start with a statement

> INSIGHTS | Prop CC seen as a chance to pull Hispanic voters to the right

> LYNN BARTELS | Still Mr. Speaker: Admirers remember Ruben Valdez

> Q&A with John Andrews | A patriarch of Colorado conservatism ponders the Great Disrupter, Islam and more

> Hannah Turgeon, assistant to Colorado treasurer candidate Brian Watson, killed in hit-and-run

> Denver school board candidate assails campaign cash as spending soars past $1.3M

> New study cites minimal health risks from Colorado oil and gas development (VIDEO)

Former seafood exec launches bid for Congress in Colorado's 3rd District

> Colorado's Cory Gardner set to attend 'Save the Senate' retreat with Trump in DC

> Colorado appeals ruling unbinding presidential electors

> All Colorado US House members vote against Trump on Turkey's intrusion into Syria

> Denver school resource officers program meets with concern from councilmembers

> Denver City Council committee considers proposal for elected sheriff

> Denver's Hancock approves several City Council 2020 budget proposals

> DIA advances $3.8M contracts for oil and gas well maintenance

Sales tax for Front Range passenger rail gets initial thumbs up, Colorado survey shows

> Manitou mayoral candidates: Colorado Springs an Incline bully

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