Immigration Detention Facilities ICE Aurora

The entrance to the GEO Group's immigrant detention facility in Aurora is seen in a 2017 file photo


3 men who escaped immigrant detention center caught

Authorities have captured three men who escaped from an immigrant detention center in Aurora -- one of them a suspect in a rape case.

The men were found in three locations but had spent several nights together in a safe house in Colorado Springs after the escape.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say 23-year-old Amilcar Aguilar-Hernandez, of El Salvador, was taken into custody in Colorado Springs. He has a conviction for felony trespassing and is a suspect in a rape case at Fort Carson Army Base.

Douglas Amaya-Arriaga and Carlos Perez-Rodriguez, both 18 and from Honduras, were captured in the Denver area. They don't have criminal histories.

The trio scaled a 15-foot fence and went over a wall at the facility, which is managed by GEO Group.



Colorado judge apologizes after suspected DUI crash

A state judge is apologizing after crashing his vehicle and being cited on suspicion of driving under the influence and careless driving.

The lawyer for 21st Judicial District Judge Lance Timbreza issued a statement about Saturday's crash. It said that the 40-year-old is sorry for what happened and thankful his actions weren't "someone else's nightmare."

Police say multiple witnesses saw Timbreza's SUV speeding before he lost control after a turn and crashed into an area of brush and trees along the road.

Police say Timbreza said he had been wine tasting and then had more wine at a pool party. He said he was trying to dodge a vehicle that swerved into his lane but couldn't describe exactly what happened, according to police.



City adopts 6-month delay for scooter, e-bike firms

Aspen has enacted a waiting period for companies that provide scooter and e-bike services.

The Aspen City Council approved a six-month delay for dockless mobility companies.

Officials say the city wants to work with businesses and the public to develop a management plan.

Dockless mobility companies provide e-bikes, trikes and scooters that can be collected and returned at several places to allow customers to rent the devices for short periods without going to a central location.

Some Aspen councilors say the city needs a plan to meet the growing transportation trend, which they say raises issues including right-of-way management, safety, vandalism, city oversight, and local business impact.

Current regulations require operators to obtain an Aspen business license and a temporary encroachment license.



Man gets life for killing 3 at illegal pot grow

A 26-year-old Colorado man will serve life in prison after being convicted of felony first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of three people at an illegal marijuana grow operation.

Garrett Coughlin was sentenced in the 2017 killings after jurors reached the guilty verdicts following a day and a half of deliberations. Each count carried a sentence of life without parole.

Prosecutors said he killed Wallace White, Kelly Sloat-White and Emory Fraker, in the foothills near Boulder because he wanted to steal money and marijuana to feed his drug addiction.

There was little physical evidence tying him to the crime. Prosecutors presented evidence that the slugs used were almost certainly from a long rifle revolver Coughlin had at the time of the killings and later tried to hide.



Bison herd growing much faster than expected

A bison herd in northern Colorado is growing much faster than expected.

The herd at a natural area north of Fort Collins began three years ago as 10 genetically pure descendants of bison in Yellowstone National Park.

The herd now numbers 76 animals, including a dozen calves born just this year. The natural area doesn't have enough room for more than 100 bison.

Herd managers expect to reach that number soon.

Colorado State University, the city of Fort Collins and Larimer County hope to raise enough genetically pure, disease-free bison to give or trade to American Indian tribes and conservation organizations.

Herd managers recently sent two bison bulls to a zoo in Oakland, California.



Logging, controlled burning project advances

The U.S. Forest Service has given preliminary approval for a logging and controlled burning project that aims reduce wildfire risks and improve habitat in western Colorado.

The agency's County Line Project calls for logging on nearly 2.5 square miles and for controlled burns on about 21 square miles in an area southwest of Glenwood Springs.

The project also includes building a parking area on a Forest Service road near the Sunlight Mountain Resort ski area.

The Forest Service's draft decision triggers a 45-day objection window for those who submitted comments on the project last year.



Colorado man loses privileges over wildlife violations

A 46-year-old Colorado man has received a lifetime ban on hunting, fishing, and trapping in Colorado and most other states for various wildlife violations.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says Jeff Bodnar, of Hartsel, recently pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon by a previous offender and unlawful possession of two black bears and a mountain lion.

Bodnar was fined nearly $4,600 and sentenced to 10 days in jail, which has been suspended pending successful completion of probation.

The agency says Bodnar's hunting, fishing and trapping privileges had been suspended twice previously for past wildlife violations.

At its June meeting, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission approved a lifetime suspension of Bodnar's hunting, fishing and trapping privileges in Colorado and other states.



Dino bones at construction site are of triceratops

Paleontologists say fossilized bones unearthed at a Highlands Ranch construction site are those of a large adult triceratops.

Maura O'Neal, a spokeswoman for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, said the partial skeleton included a limb bone and several ribs of the three-horned dinosaur.

The bones were found at a construction site near a retirement community in Highlands Ranch in May in a rock layer that dates back 65 million to 68 million years.

Construction crews are using heavy equipment to dig a deep trench in search for other dinosaur fossils next to the area where the triceratops bones were found.



Man accused in stabbing to undergo new mental health evaluation

 A 21-year-old Colorado man accused of stabbing his two siblings to death in October 2017 will undergo another mental evaluation in July.

Defense counsel for Malik Murphy told a judge in a Colorado Springs courtroom that a new mental health evaluation had been arranged. A previous evaluation of Murphy had found him competent to stand trial.

As a result of the new evaluation, the next review hearing in the case was set for Aug. 5.

Murphy had previously pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for the fatal stabbings of 7-year-old Noah and 5-year-old Sophia Murphy.

Court records say Murphy told investigators that he had been thinking about killing everyone in the house for months "to be by myself."



Firefighter uses YouTube duck calls to rescue ducklings

 A flock of ducklings is safe after a firefighter used a recording of duck calls to coax some of them from a storm drain.

A video from South Metro Fire Rescue shows how a firefighter was able to scoop out four of the birds in the water at the bottom of the drain on June 20. Four others, though, were hiding in an adjacent pipe.

The firefighter held up his cellphone to an opening in the pipe and played a YouTube video of duck calls. The ducklings walked toward the sound.

The fire district says the ducklings were reunited with their mother, who was nearby.

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