COVER STORY Oil and gas cover

The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is visible behind oil and gas infrastructure at Great Western Oil & Gas Co.'s Sharp well pad south of Brighton, on June 27, 2019, in Adams County.

Colorado has been moving to protect natural lands at a time when the Trump administration is prioritizing domestic energy development.

“What we are seeing is the full effect — in proposed actions — of the 2016 election at the local level,” Ouray County Commissioner Ben Tisdel said in a Colorado Sun article.

The Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service are finalizing a Resource Management Plan (RMP) for over 3 million acres of lands in Colorado, and Gov. Jared Polis has brought up concerns over what he views as inconsistencies between the RMP and Colorado laws.

Polis wrote a letter to the BLM on Sept. 9 citing Colorado policies on water resources, air quality and wildlife that he says conflict with BLM's proposal.

"Protecting our state's air quality and combating climate change depends on reducing emissions from the oil and gas sector statewide," Polis argues. 

BLM's plan allows for a 27% increase in greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas development.

BLM will be listening and responding to Polis' concerns, reports CPR.

“There is room to adjust within the RMP, which has a built-in adaptive management strategy,” said agency spokesman Jayson Barangan to the Sun. “We are ready to respond as the state’s plans are complete.”

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