Larry and Donna Perino

Larry Perino and his wife, Donna, accept his National Mining Association Lifetime Environmental Achievement Award at a ceremony on Monday, March 2, 2020.

The National Mining Association gave Larry Perino, a lifelong resident of Silverton, its Lifetime Environmental Achievement Award this week.

Perino retired from Sunnyside Gold Corp. last April. The national award "recognizes outstanding contributions and excellence in environmental reclamation and stewardship that illustrate the mining industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility, sustainability and community partnerships," the association said in a press release.

Perino worked in mining for more than four decades in mining, "where he consistently made environmental stewardship a top priority," the association said. "His successful leadership of a number of reclamation projects has benefited all of the communities in which he has worked and has been recognized broadly among his peers."

Rich Nolan, the Mining Association's president and CEO, said Perino represented the values of the industry.

“Mining is at the center of towns and cities across the United States, providing jobs and support to local businesses throughout the life of the mine and returning the land to beneficial use for the community once mining is complete," he said in a statement. "Larry’s leadership is symbolic of how committed we are to being valued members of each community in which we live and work.” 

Perino's work has received national and local recognition. The Sunnyside Mine received the 2019 American Exploration and Mining Association Environmental Excellence Award. In 2011, the Mineral Hill Mine received the Bureau of Land Management's National Hardrock Mineral Environmental Award, and in 2009 the DeLamar Mine received the same award. In 1994, the Sunnyside Mine was awarded the Mined Land Reclamation Board Award from the board, the Colorado Mining Association and the Colorado Rock Products Association.

Perino received a civil engineering degree from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1975.

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