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Political analyst James Carville in New York City. 

The veteran Democratic strategist behind Bill Clinton's 1992 White House bid on Monday endorsed Michael Bennet's presidential campaign, calling the Colorado senator the "opposite" of President Donald Trump.

“The best way to beat Donald Trump is to show you’re not him in any way, shape or form,” said James Carville in a statement.

“Sen. Bennet has less in common with Donald Trump than any human being in the United States when it comes to worldview, priorities and demeanor. Sen. Bennet is the opposite of Trump and is the best Democrat to take him on. And Sen. Bennet would be the best president of the United States, which is why I endorsed his campaign.”

Carville, who engineered Clinton's "Comeback Kid" win in the New Hampshire primary, predicted Bennet could accomplish a similar feat when the state's votes are counted on Feb. 11.

“I think Senator Bennet is uniquely suited for New Hampshire,” Carville said. “It’s a historical fact that people like him do well there. I have faith in his strategy of going from town hall to town hall, from living room to living room. He’s putting in the work. Michael Bennet will surprise people.”

Carville plans to campaign with Bennet in New Hampshire, the candidate's campaign said.

Bennet said on Jan. 1 that he hopes a heavy schedule of town halls in New Hampshire will boost him to a top-three finish in the state's first-in-the-nation primary, despite consistently lagging in polls and fundraising.

A Monmouth University poll of likely New Hampshire primary voters released last week found Bennet with 2% support — the highest he's scored in surveys since last summer but still only good enough for ninth place in a field led by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren.

Known as the "Ragin' Cajun," Carville has been talking up Bennet's prospects for months, calling the former school superintendent "John Kennedy recloned" after Bennet entered the race in May and heaping praise on the candidate in a recent podcast.

"He’s gonna succeed by his resolve, by his knowledge, by his depth, by his politeness, his humanity. That's what people want," Carville told his co-host, journalist Al Hunt, who agreed Bennet was also his favorite. 

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I bet that Carville is wrong.


Breaking news, a left wing liberal endorses a left wing liberal..

I had to look up who Michel Bennett was since he's done nothing for Colorado, that's where I found he stood up next to Udall telling us "with obama care we can save $2500 and keep our Drs. if we want.

We see what those pack of lies did for Udall.

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