Ballot Box Jefferson County

In this file photo, a Jefferson County man drops his ballot into a secure collection box located outside Lakewood's municipal building on Nov. 5, 2019. 

More than 313,000 voted ballots had been received by Colorado election officials by mid-day Sunday with just over a week to go until they're due, the Secretary of State's Office said Monday.

That's out of nearly 3.9 million active registered voters, who began receiving mail ballots two weeks ago. Voters have until 7 p.m. Nov. 2 to return their ballots or to vote in person.

“Colorado historically has been engaged in the state’s elections, and we expect that will continue,” said Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold in a statement. “With more available drop boxes statewide than ever before, along with nearly 150 voting centers, it’s accessible to make sure your voice is heard in our democracy.”

Unaffiliated voters held the lead in early ballot returns, followed closely by Republicans, with Democrats lagging in third place, according to figures released by the Secretary of State's Office.

Through 11:30 a.m. Sunday, county clerks reported they had received and processed 313,372 ballots, with only 67 of them cast in person.

In-person voting is available throughout the state starting Monday at 147 voter service centers, though the vast majority of Colorado voters return their ballots by mail or by delivering them to the more than 400 available drop boxes.

The Post Office is urging voters to get their ballot to a drop box after today to ensure ballots are received on time. 

Of the ballots logged so far this year, 107,878 were cast by unaffiliated voters, 105,358 were cast by Republicans, and 96,767 were cast by Democrats. Another 3,369 were cast my members of Colorado's five minor parties.

This year, voters are deciding three statewide ballot questions as well as voting on local ballot measures and for school board. Some municipalities are also holding elections for local officials.

Voters age 65-74 are returning their ballots at the fastest pace, accounting for 95,178 of the total, with voters age 25-34 having returned just 17,937 ballots so far.

El Paso and Jefferson counties are neck-and-neck in ballot returns at this point, with each county having processed just over 40,000 ballots. Arapahoe and Larimer counties have reported the next-highest number of ballots received and processed, with 31,327 and 26,275, respectively. County election officials caution against reading too much into early returns, since counties process incoming ballots at different paces, especially more than a week before the election.

Voters in every county can track their ballots by signing up for BallotTrax (it's called BallotTrace in Denver) at Voters can visit the same website to check out sample ballots and find in-person voting locations and the locations of secure, 24-hour drop boxes. Voters will also be able to use TXT2Cure to fix signature discrepancies using their smart phone.

Qualified Coloradans can register to vote and cast ballots through Election Day at vote centers and their county clerks' offices.

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