Proposition CC will appear on Colorado's Nov. 5 ballot.

Proposition CC will appear on Colorado's Nov. 5 ballot.

A group fighting Proposition CC on the Nov. 5 ballot is putting up $200,000 in TV, digital and direct mail ads in the Denver and Colorado Springs markets through Election Day.

The ballot measure would permanently take away the occasional rebates some Coloradans get under the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights in the state Constitution.

The windfall of hundreds of millions of dollars during strong economic times — when the state's tax revenue exceeds a spending cap set by TABOR — would be divided between K-12 schools, higher education and transportation. The refunds next year would work out to about $38 per taxpayer, proponents say.

The ads characterize the request as a "blank check" with "no guarantees" on how the money will be spent by future legislatures. And while the tax rate doesn't go up under CC, taking away a tax refund counts as a tax hike, contends in the ad campaign.

“Colorado families need to know the truth about Prop CC,” Sean Duffy, Defend Colorado's executive director, said in a statement. “We’re focused on giving families the facts about their refunds and the blank check politicians are asking them to sign. Prop CC tells taxpayers to just fork over the money — forever — and just trust politicians to spend it wisely. Any way you slice Prop CC, it’s a bad deal for Colorado families and Colorado’s future.”

You can watch the ad by clicking here.

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