Jeff Hunt

Jeff Hunt

For conservatives who care about personal freedom, limited government, the sanctity of life, free markets, traditional family values, religious freedom, and parental rights, this legislative session was brutal. 

The left is in complete control in Colorado and they’re driving the state into a ditch.

Ten years ago, Bill Armstrong and John Andrews had the vision to host a small gathering of conservatives in a hotel ball room in Lone Tree, Colorado to affirm our conservative values. What was supposed to be a few hundred people quickly blossomed to over seven hundred. In the summer of 2010, the federal government was dominated by the Left. As conservatives gathered to stand up against massive government control a new movement was born, the Tea Party.

The Tea Party would change the direction of American public policy for good.

We need another Tea Party revolution against government growth in Colorado. We need to rise up and speak out against the direction Boulder liberals are taking our state. 

Over the past 10 years, the Western Conservative Summit has brought notable figures including Donald Trump, John Bolton, Diamond & Silk, Ed Meese, Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt, Jeff Sessions, Kirk Cameron, Dana Loesch, Charlie Kirk, Jay Sekulow, John MacArthur, Sarah Palin, James Dobson, Candace Owens, Scott Walker, Phil Robertson, Dennis Prager, Tim Scott, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, James Lankford, Ben Sasse, Spencer Tillman, Lee Strobel, Mike Lee, Star Parker, Hugh Hewitt, Mia Love, Robert Woodson, Michele Bachman, the House Freedom Caucus, and many others to Denver.

In addition to hosting the top conservative leaders in our country, the Western Conservative Summit provides dozens of workshops to explore issues in depth like energy development, education choice, Colorado’s growing drug culture, western art, federal land development, the battle against leftist worldviews, religious freedom, the growing national debt, the legal basis for a moral constitution, and many others.

Add to this an exhibit hall featuring over 60 organizations and the Western Conservative Summit is one of the leading gatherings of conservatives in the country.

Tickets sales are on track to make this the largest Western Conservative Summit ever. After this legislative session, conservatives are fired up to fight back. Parents, oil and gas workers, Second Amendment advocates, and many others, took the capitol these past few months to make their voices heard. The groundswell of grassroots conservatives will continue with the Western Conservative Summit.

Colorado was founded, and thrives, upon the conservative principles of justice, liberty, and personal responsibility. Conservatives together can secure the blessings of freedom for the next generation of Coloradans.

The theme of the first Western Conservative Summit was “Right Turn, Right Now.” Colorado is in desperate need of a right turn in the right direction.

Join us at the great rally on the right, the Western Conservative Summit, July 12-13, 2019 at the Colorado Convention Center. Details and tickets can be found at

Jeff Hunt is the chairman of the Western Conservative Summit and director of the Centennial Institute. You can follow him on twitter at

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