Kristi Burton Brown

Kristi Burton Brown

2022 is set to be a year of opportunity for Colorado Republicans. There’s a giant deficit in the Democrats’ performance in Colorado. With over a decade of single-party control at the state level, working-class Coloradans have suffered. They’re ready to try something new.

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Republicans are promising better solutions for the future of the state we love in a proposal called the Commitment to Colorado ( Our “Big 3” issues are exactly what voters are talking about: making Colorado affordable, prioritizing public safety, and expanding educational choice.

On Monday, Republicans gathered at a gas station to highlight the $1.50 increase in price per gallon since November 2020. Families can’t afford to pay $20 more per tank to drive to work and go to school. Democrats tried to distract from inflation by talking about air quality, but they clearly didn’t read the memo.

Conserving our environment is also in the Republican Commitment to Colorado. We believe in clean air and clean water. We care about the earth. Our solutions promote healthy, active living. The difference between us and Democrats is that our environmental solutions don’t require us to stomp down innovation and the industries that built Colorado in the process. Stomping these out is a particular specialty of Colorado Democrats that’s backfiring on them.

Denver’s air quality ranked #1 for the worst air in the world this week, highlighting the failure of the Democrat leadership in California to manage forests. Colorado’s Democrat Gov. Polis similarly failed to manage our forests last year. The mudslides closing I-70 illustrate a small piece of the lasting damage.

Colorado has fallen to 30th in education and 34th in cost of living. When a state slips, swing voters ask who’s in charge. The answer: the Democrats. This is a key reason Colorado Republicans are poised for a comeback; it’s time to try something new. It’s time to restore balance. It’s time to elect candidates who will reverse the fees and taxes the Democrats increase every year at the Capitol, despite what voters say at the ballot box. It’s time to elect candidates who will make safe streets for our families a priority. Defunding and demoralizing the police doesn’t work.

In a period of six hours last weekend, nine people were shot and two killed in Denver. Since early 2020, 150 Aurora police officers have resigned. Republican city council candidates aren’t skipping Democrat doors this year because voters across the spectrum share our concerns and are ready for a change.

Your political party doesn’t matter when you hear gun shots in your neighborhood at night: you just want someone to keep your family safe. Your political party doesn’t matter when you’re getting priced out of the life you choose in the state you love: you just want someone to fight for small business owners, innovation, and a lower cost of living. And your political party doesn’t matter when your kids are kept out of school or when a record number of their friends are failing in math and reading. You just want someone to provide more educational options for children; a system that works for your family instead of against you.

These are the solutions voters are asking for, and it’s what Colorado Republicans have promised to deliver in our Commitment to Colorado. Already, the Commitment is flipping voters back to the Republican Party because they see better solutions for our future and principled leadership they can trust.

As Republicans, we will create more options in education. We will work for safe streets for all our families. And we will decrease prices and increase hope. This is how Republicans will have a historic comeback in 2022.

Kristi Burton Brown is chair of the Colorado Republican Party and a constitutional law attorney.

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