'Words have consequences'

Cause and effect. It’s a simple concept. You commit a crime; you go to jail. The company you work for goes out of business; you lose your job.

When President Trump calls immigrants “criminals, gang members, and rapists” and claims that “these aren’t people; these are animals,” he incites hate and provokes violence. His words have consequences.

During a rally in May in Panama City Beach, Florida, he asked the crowd, “How do you stop these people?” “Shoot them,” yelled one of his supporters.

Shoot them? That’s exactly what happened on Saturday when [a gunman] opened fire in El Paso, Texas, killing [22] people and injuring dozens more. Police found [the shooting suspect's] manifesto online in which [he] rails against immigration and states clearly that his planned attack “is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

Research confirms the cause and effect of Trump’s racist rhetoric. A study published this year concluded that counties hosting Trump political rallies in 2016 saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes. FBI Director Christoper Wray recently told the Senate that most domestic terrorist arrests in 2019 to date have involved white nationalism. There have already been 251 mass shootings in 2019.

Mourners shouted at their governor after the second, deadly mass killing on Sunday in Dayton, Ohio: “Make a change. Do Something.”

Yes, force Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to consider bills that institute universal background checks for gun purchases, and ban certain types of high-capacity gun magazines and military-style assault rifles. Take away the presidential platform Donald Trump uses to spew hate-filled speeches. Make a change. Do something. Vote them both out of office.

Barbara Wolpoff


Marilee Menard



Don't play the blame game

I had a hangnail last week and I definitely know it was Trump’s fault, no question about it! This is how silly the blame-Trump rhetoric has become. Our country has endemic-systemic problems that have developed over many years. Does it seem logical that these can all be blamed on one person who has held office for a little over two years?

We have problems with debt, education, poverty, perceived racism, and wars all over the world. Is all this rhetoric logical? Yet, despite all this blame, we are still the one country to which most people want to immigrate.

Yet, the problems in this country pale in comparison with most of the world. By playing the blame game are we really helping solve the problems? Does losing an election by one party justify bringing our entire system to a halt? Does it justify not working together to solve our problems? When you have more loyalty to your party than to your country, perhaps your value system needs some adjustment.

William F Hineser, DPM



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Hineser William

Sometimes crimes are just crimes. Adding "hate" to the crime is often pointless!

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