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Now that the Second Annual Trump Impeachment Circus is underway, should we not ask: How much will it cost the taxpayers?

Will it look like George Orwell's "1984"?

Will it mimic the Soviet era show trials where bedraggled witnesses and victims forcibly confessed guilt to imaginary crimes? 

Or will the Senate chamber be equipped with huge "telescreens" at which, come 11 a.m. daily, various senators and staff, for two minutes of hate, can rage, throw shoes, water bottles, laptops, and chairs at the 21st-century-displayed images of Emmanuel Goldstein (a.k.a. "Orangeman" / Donald Trump)?

Has nonstop hate become the sole trademark of the Democrat Party?

Are today's ruling Democrats so bereft of ideas, and fearful as to how to address our fractured nation's ills, that they are hiding behind an Orwellian theatrical set?

If this attack fails, as it should, will impeachments follow the Super Bowl as annual events?

Russell W Haas


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