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I found it hard to believe that someone supposedly as knowledgeable as Hal Bidlack would be in favor of eliminating the Electoral College ("BIDLACK | National popular vote for prez will make elections fairer," Jan. 14).

He supposedly taught these matters at the Air Force Academy. Apparently, he would like New York and California to dictate the presidential elections. Has he not learned anything from his studies of the Constitution and history? Has he not read the Federalist Papers?

The Electoral College has been refined since its inception and still serves the valuable purpose of balancing the rural and urban states as well as the larger and smaller states. It is the buffer that perpetuates our Republic. We never were a pure democracy, nor do we ever want to become one.

I realize the left would feel that this was to their advantage and so they are pushing the idea.  Should this variable change, it could come around to bite them in the posterior. 

William F Hineser, DPM


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