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(Re: "Voters get it more often than we think," March 9.)

How can Miller Hudson claim that Democrats, rather than Republicans, are far less inclined to sweep political appointees from office after a victory, when President Obama did so en mass on his first day in office? 

How much faster can you get than that?

How can he claim collective wisdom for voters, when I, for one, walking precincts on the final evening before ballot drop-off, have encountered voters who had no idea even as to candidates listed on their ballots, much less what issues might be thereon?

While Hudson is correct in that voters wisely rejected his pet miasma — the spending of $50 Million of their money on a MagLev demonstrator project,  which never (for costs) in actuality could ultimately be built —  should he not first ponder the quote incorrectly attributed to W. Churchill: 

"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter" (with which Churchill agreed when asked)?

And then on the actual one of H.L. Mencken:

"Democracy is the theory that common people know what they want, and should get it good and hard"? 

Aren't many newly unemployed voters getting it "good and hard" this month at the hands of their panic-driven elected officials, who are oblivious to their wrecking our nation's economy?

Russell W. Haas


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