FEEDBACK | The debate goes on: oil and gas — and Brett Kavanaugh


Divesting PERA of fossil fuels is right thing to do

My husband and I receive PERA retirement money each month from a defined contribution plan (pension). We are dismayed that some of the money is invested in oil and gas funds. These companies, such as Extraction Oil and Gas, are heavily in debt, having borrowed huge sums from banks. This sounds like 2008, ready to happen again.

Will they all declare bankruptcy and walk away, leaving citizens to pay to have the wells plugged and abandoned? I have heard that can cost up to $80,000 per well.

Please divest any PERA funds from the oil and gas companies and put those funds into renewable energy. That is where the world is going.

Georgia Locker Fort Collins

Kavanaugh hearings make mockery of Senate

(RE: Accuser may testify — under right terms,” Sept. 21 by the Associated Press.)

How is it that one individual, living 2,000-plus miles away, can dictate to the U.S. Senate how and when it will conduct its business?

If one individual has been endowed with that so-called “right,” should not the remaining 330 million of us also be so privileged?

In either event, does not this most recent farce of hearings confirm that the ”lifers” in the U.S. Senate have rendered that institution utterly pusillanimous?

If so, shouldn’t that institution be disbanded, and its alumni, ever after, be required to wear a ‘scarlet letter’?

Russell W HaasGolden


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