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I was pleased to read the recent op-ed in Colorado Politics from a small business owner who supports giving employees more options to save at work ("THE PODIUM | Secure Savings Plan would level the field for small businesses — like mine," Oct. 2).

There are more people now than ever working for small businesses — many of whom have no retirement plan. Setting one up as an employer isn’t a matter of simply filling out a form, so how can we make it easy for any employer to have a retirement savings plan for their employees so saving can be made a habit? That’s where the Colorado Secure Savings Plan makes sense.

I feel very fortunate. I worked for a large company that offered a retirement plan. I was encouraged, but not required, to participate. Admittedly, back when I was a twenty-something with a family, retirement wasn’t top of mind. Still, once I started putting a very small amount toward my 401(k) each month, it became like a tax withholding — it just happened. And, over time, I increased the amount. That wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have the opportunity to save through my paycheck.

Each of us takes a different path in life, but we all get older and reach a point where we no longer can or don’t want to work anymore. In either case, preparing for what’s next isn’t something you do when you’re 60; you must start much sooner. Whether we work for a big corporation or a small business with only a few employees, we must all save for our future financial security.

Seeing small business owners, employees, and advocates for older Coloradans like me being on the same page is encouraging and exciting. I hope lawmakers will keep the momentum going next year.

Bob Brocker

President, Colorado Senior Lobby


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