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Is there a way to contain or rectify the obvious election frauds which have plagued the six or seven states which were flipped from Trump to Biden by 100,000-plus vote dumps mysteriously occurring post-Election Day?

Could questionable, altered, or invalid ballots be treated at all, which, by this time, have been co-mingled with valid ones?

As our president is constitutionally elected by the states, does not the U.S. Constitution provide a simple solution by giving state legislatures, not various courts, total oversight on the validity of their presidential election vote counts?

What happens if a candidate does not attain the necessary 270 electoral votes, absent state legislatures refusing to validate a tainted winner?

Does not the ultimate decision then default to the U.S. House of Representatives, where each state would have but one vote under the 12th Amendment, determined by its legislature?

For, if the benefits of massive election fraud are not constitutionally addressed at this time, and in this way, will the U.S., ever again be able to have an honest election, and worse, become a one-party state? 

Russell W. Haas


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