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Does not Senate Bill 293, "Property Tax Classification and Assessment Rate," strike at the very nature of the citizens' right to petition their government?
How arrogant have our (bipartisan, no less) legislators become with their lust for power, that they would pass an onerous bill as a "Parthian shot" on the last day of their current session? 
What drove them to specifically neuter property-tax-reducing Initiative #14, for which signatures were already being gathered, at great expense?
What malice inspired them to append this bill with the malicious "safety clause," which blocks the citizen referendum option to repeal it?
Isn't SB-293 almost a violation of the separation of powers?
Or, might it almost be deemed a clone of the federally unconstitutional (Art. I, Sect. 9) "bill of attainder," which specifically targets one or a group of individuals to cause harm to their efforts?
Should not the scoundrels who voted for this travesty be held accountable for their overreach, come the next election?
Russell W. Haas
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