FEEDBACK | Ruling undercut unions — our only bridge to a better life


The Supreme Court just ruled against millions of Americans who can’t make ends meet even though they’re working as many hours as they can. Billionaires used the Janus case to rig the rules to make it harder for working people to form a union. But what they don’t understand is no court case is going to stand in our way.

Airport workers all across the country have been joining unions because we know it’s the only way to get the pay, benefits and respect we need to afford a roof over our heads and save for the future.

I clean United Airlines’ planes at Denver International Airport. These airport jobs used to be good, union jobs that allowed people to thrive — not just survive.

All that changed when airlines like United destroyed these good jobs and starting contracting the work out to the lowest bidder. That’s why airport workers get paid as little as half of what we used to when these were union jobs.

Even though I work two jobs at the airport — and even though my work helped United Airlines bring in $2.1 billion in profit last year — I don’t have health care, sick days, or vacation time. The worst part about it is I’m not paid enough to be able to afford my own place to live, and I’m staying in a hotel right now.

What a union means to me is the same thing it meant to my dad and the previous generations that enjoyed all the benefits of a union — my own place to live, time with family, and security. That’s what our communities need.

No matter what the court does, I’m speaking out for union jobs for everyone because we need a change in our communities.

Niecea DavisDenver


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