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Are you following the current reparations happenings in the United States of America? Toward the end of March 2021, the city council in Evanston, Illinois, approved reparations expenditures to Black homeowners who can exclusively use the funding for home-related expenses. Last week, a congressional committee voted, for the first time in its 32-year history, on H.R. 40 to establish a federal commission to study the legacy of the enslavement of Black people in the United States of America, its ongoing anti-Black injustices, and develop proposals for repair with Black people including reparations.

Let me take a moment to engage those of you who are beyond needing to be convinced about the necessity for reparations, beyond needing more statistics, beyond stating your support for reparations or sending emails about reparations, beyond needing another person or committee to pimp Black people's pain for you to know that reparations are needed. Please let me communicate with people who are clear that Black people need and more than deserve significant, life-giving reparations and you are ready to GIVE reparations right NOW.

Systemic anti-Black racism is a public health crisis in the United States of America. By promoting and providing loving health-care options for Black women and by fighting anti-Black obstetric violence, Soul 2 Soul Sisters is working to dismantle systemic anti-Black medical racism and the rigid nexus of white supremacy power that protects and sustains it. So many advances in the health-care field result from the historic and present-day medical injustices perpetrated by the U.S. health-care system against Black women. Since our organization engages in healing and health work that is by Black women and for Black women to correct the injustices, we strongly encourage white individuals, families, organizations, congregations, businesses and foundations to give sustained/ongoing/recurring reparations to Soul 2 Soul Sisters.

To make a significant, positive impact in the lives of the Black women health-justice warriors in our organization and in the greater community, please click here to read recommendations on the reparations page of the Soul 2 Soul Sisters website. Visualize the significant impact of white people synchronously providing various forms of sustained reparations to grassroots, Black women-led organizations. This is healthy life-sustaining modeling for ways that the U.S. government must provide reparations for all Black people in the United States of America to evidence genuine acknowledgment, apology, and compensation for the horrors of enslaving Black people for centuries and the subsequent anti-Black violence and wealth chasm. 

Rev. Dr. Dawn Riley Duval

Executive director, Soul 2 Soul Sisters


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