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Last week, a large coalition of organizations across the state officially launched their campaign to defeat Proposition 115, a ballot measure that would ban abortion later in pregnancy in Colorado. In an interview with Colorado Politics, Giuliana Day, a proponent of this ban, called this measure “reasonable.” Reasonable for whom? 

The backers of this ban have admitted that they are using Proposition 115 as a foot in the door to ban abortion outright in our state — something voters have fought hard to prevent in years past. It is a ban on abortion later in pregnancy that disregards the complexity of a person’s individual health-care needs during pregnancy and has no exceptions for rape and incest, or if there is a lethal fetal diagnosis. Women and families in Colorado deserve better. They deserve to have access to all of their medical options, especially if something goes wrong.

Proposition 115 isn’t reasonable; it’s cruel. Coloradans have enough on their hands right now. We do not need politicians and private groups getting in the way of our personal health-care decisions and our ability to choose what is best for our families. 

Elva Escobedo


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