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Our country is in crisis — needing solutions to establishing an economic recovery and eliminating COVID. Trump's lies about a stolen election are not supporting that focus — instead they are a huge distraction.  I fell into the trap of trying to influence my legislative representative, an exhausting exercise in futility.  

So if you are exhausted by political posturing, upset with what occurred on Jan. 6, then emulate what major businesses and the PGA are doing.  

1.   Cancel any existing reservations at any of Trump's hotels / golf resorts.  Insure no future reservations are made at those sites.  

2.   Stop making any political contributions to either party until COVID has been defeated, and our economy is in full recovery.   

Doing this would send a unified message to both parties that we need a real solution to the economy and COVID, and until we have, both their worlds are going to get hurt severely as well.   In the month with the highest COVID case rate, highest COVID death rate, and worst unemployment report — we need focus. We can make it happen!

Ray Jones

Colorado Springs

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