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Re: "State must improve oil well management," Nov. 18.

There are too many errors and false assumptions in this opinion piece to know where to begin, but one thing absolutely must be corrected. Any claims that SB19-181 has resulted in a “minuscule flow of protective regulations” on Colorado’s oil and gas industry is utter nonsense.

Pushed through the legislature by Democrats in 2019, SB 181 required numerous rulemakings and regulatory changes. So many changes, in fact, that the COGCC — with paid commissioners working full-time — won’t be finished addressing everything in that bill until next year. That’s more than three years of nonstop rulemaking from one bill alone.

The entire rulebook has been re-written, establishing a clear prioritization for public health, safety, welfare and the environment. That includes seismic changes to: regulations around flowlines; wellbore integrity; protection for wildlife and habitat; coordinated local and state siting processes; disposals wells; financial assurance, as well as rules to minimize emissions; increase leak detection and repair standards; and robust air monitoring requirements. This work is unprecedented, and stakeholders have thousands of hours invested into the process.

To describe these sweeping changes as “minuscule” is patently false and knowingly misleading. Coloradans deserve to know our industry is operating safely in this state, under the most rigorous set of rules in the country, and the men and women who work in the field are producing among the cleanest molecules of energy on the planet.

Dan Haley

President & CEO

Colorado Oil & Gas Association

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